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Candy Noire Aug 2014
I breathe in the fumes
Intoxicated states of pure bliss
In the form of headaches
I feel quietly numb.

Huffing away the days
To forget what's going wrong
In my solvent haze
I remember you have gone.

I breathe in the fumes
I medicate myself with bleach
These tendencies last weeks
I fear it may be my last breath it takes.
Ella Jackson Aug 2014
These memories I tried to burn from my brain by lighting
         cigarette by cigarette.
       Hoping that one day the smoke would cloud what memories remained of you.
         Memories of you and I
         Stuck in my brain
         Like stars stuck to the landscape of the sky.
         These memories that bring so much pain are the ones that not even the rain could wash away.
         Memories which sent warning signals to my nerve endings and set my body alight.
Memories which couldn't be eroded away, even with the strongest of acids.
These memories are positively stuck.

When I wake up from dreams of you
I begin my day with thoughts of you
All these tragic memories that haunt me day by day
Sending shivers up my spine.

Not just memories of you
But memories of me
My little reminders of the many pains of life

The only thing that could hurt me more than you
Is the pain of the memories of who I once was
The things I once did
And the person I will never be.
©Ella Jackson

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Meg B Jul 2014
I love the sound
of fresh papers
as they come
crinkling and
crackling out of
the package,

the aroma
of citrus and earth,
sweet smelling grass,

the sensation
of stickiness,
dulled spikes
of fresh stems,

the sight
of red orange flames
lapping up
crisp white paper,
of translucent
gray smoke
out of the small
opening of a pipe's mouthpiece,

the taste
of wisdom, sage, and ash,
vaporizing my insides,
filling my lungs
and brain
full of poetic fumes;

I love to break
roll you up,
set you ablaze,
vaporizing my insides,
filling my heart
and brain
full of poetic fumes.

I love to
off you;

I don't want

I can taste the alcohol on your breath
your clothes are soaked in the fumes of your cigarettes

this is why I called you
tell me you love me.

I love you

you're bleeding
we got in a fight
I'm hurt, I'm drunk and he threw my life far away from me
I can't go back to the party
I cried for help, no one would help me
I ran through the woods, stumbling

this is why I called you.
tell me you love me.

I love you

he bruised me,
then left me sobbing in a field full of nightmares
I'm drunk and I smell of smoke, I don't know where to go

I have spoons and fire.
let me take your arm,
only if you want it
it's love in a arm *****.

this is why I called you,
you take the pain away

— The End —