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K Balachandran May 2018
securely encrypted,
the Milky Way and beyond;
my billion nureons!
Yasin Jan 2018
Everyone is watching
Some humans are deducing
Singing, humming in their mind
Surrounded by flesh and bones
Neurons and skull
The true me bears a hat
Reliability buries mind control
The higher consciousness
belongs to astrophysicien

Your body is a vehicle and
you are driven by many influences.
You sit inside a vessel with a vast palette of buttons and a huge wheel.
A passenger sits beside you and both of you rotate the wheel.
The car is secretly controlled by an other force.
The one who has real influence to stop the other force has the potential to become complete.
Sincerely, Joy
But one thing's sure
The end.
R Dec 2017
Such beauty
Whatever lies beneath it
You don't want to know
Haiku!!! :)
I have always been afraid to tell, to show, to feel and to express

I can only communicate through unspoken words, written calligraphy, and endless encryption that no one would ever understand

But I hope that one day,
would happen to notice the pain, hurt, suffering and torture that I've been keeping at bay....
amanda martinez Apr 2014
Your trying too hard to make me invisible.
Yet there's something left in that head that makes me irresistible.
All ego set aside...
I'm not the one to run and hide.
Your stuck in this moment that doesn't even exist.
It's too bad you fell in love with a realist.
Started making things up, to make that pedestal seem higher.
But the world can be an **** place...I'll let you in on a secret, your not the only liar.
That pedestal has been stuck in that hole you continue to dig.
I have been trying to work around it, but you have my world rigged.
My beautiful dragonfly will lead the way around.
Knows you just as well as I do, so it's got me flying far from the ground.
If you want to continue to live behind the scenes...
Carry on, by all means.
I tried to convince myself it was all derived from respect,
Like you never pulled the trigger, but with the coldness of your heart I don't know what's left.
Just remember the world will keep on turning.
This is the only fire still capable of burning.
With the lack of words, it should need its oxygen fix.
I guess in light of you, it has it's own tricks.
Your not the only one slowly sinking in quick sand,
Looking need of a hand.
The fact is, not everyone is that weak...
Having to file the most difficult into the "problems that don't speak".
This is more real for me, than it is for you.
Yet you can't get it through your head that it's even true.
There is beauty in all evil, & now it resides right by my side.
The weight of it grows heavier as the days roll on, may as well have some pride.
The worlds evil can transform, if you care enough to mold it yourself.
The thing is you were never there, so you are clueless how it feels, or how it felt.
My beautiful dragonfly,
Never got the chance to walk along side.
Never had the opportunity to leave footprints in the sand.
Not even a moment to reach for a hand.
But eclectic wings have spread,
Ever since the sky shattered, some light has shed.
All I need is me, myself, & my dragonfly.
May not have been born to the real world, but the soul is encrypted in my mind.
Wether you come to terms and face the facts, or continue to hide.
At least I will have evils beauty, forever flying by my side.
July 26, 2013

— The End —