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Brynn S Nov 2018
What has literature become?
Mockery of the new age
They spit on the graves of former writers
They take their names and drag it through mud
Disgrace, distaste
Nothing fuels the flame
The elusive spark as died
We all try to grasp at fame
Only few may succeed
In comparison we falter
We are the ****** ones
left to pray at the alter
lX0st Oct 2018
His transient touch
Taught me to love
Elusive hands embraced
Inverted beneath skin's layers,
A plastic pin point impression
That prickly sensation
Lasted for years
Hollowed hands turned every touch
Into white noise
Soft static buzzing eardrums
Burrowed deep beneath
Old memories, sneaking in
Through dopamine
Vibrating neurons numb
Until I can't sleep
Umi Mar 2018
One scarlet tear, makes it clear which drops from her cheek to the ground which burns away as acid, toxic, became lifeless in an instant
Emotions of any kind, are to ruin ones mind, ones soul from something more beautiful, clean and without any malicious intent,
Ruining what's best in us, corrupting inner peace with disturbance,
Free from bonds or feelings one would live alike the the moon; Elusive, with a cycle which turns and decides to recycles once again,
But what would be a life, free from the trouble of emotions, heartache
pain and agaony, happiness and glee with experiencess worth more than a soul could ask for, wish to be repeated, forming what is YOU,
Would it be a curse ? A blessing ? Would it be wise to purify onesself,
All these questions remain unanswered, as the world spirals it's transient, lifely joyful axis around our golden shining star, the sun,
Purity comes sinfree, cut from temptations of every meaningful term,
Then it would mean to give up anything, everything in solace, simply to remain free from an act or even a thought of unrighteousness,
Empathy would be lost in a purgatory of pure furies which knows no heart, or mercy for this matter, a life spend alone is an answer to this,
Oh servant, will you burn away like the flower in the heat of summer by achieving this purity you strive for just to call yourself better ?
After all, the joy of emotions is for all to experience
After all the love of light is for all to bear

~ Umi
ENR Jan 2018
anxiety is an elusive term.
"anxious for this performance"-
anxious isn't momentary,
anxious is a lifestyle.

anxiety is an elusive state
those who do not live in a bubble
do not understand the fear of living beyond it
those who do not feel that compulsion
to hide
to stay
precisely where they are
to rest until they can move
to never be able to move
to suffocate beneath
their best friends, the bedsheets.

anxiety is an elusive idea.
every time it feels as though it is tangible,
every time it feels as though you could simply grab it
and rip to shreds,
every single ******* time,
It flees.
exactly how you do.

running from anxiety is impossible
because you can never be as elusive as anxiety.
Star BG Jan 2018
Sometimes, I have a grand idea.
A vision to write and share
with poet community and beyond.

But when self approaches screen,
finger freeze, as if in a frozen pond white.
As if letters stare back with eyes
that can’t see reason.

Moment drag as thoughts are stagnant
in a mind-like pool.
Words swimming helplessly whereby
all I could do is hope for a
preserver-like spark to rescue me.

The idea is lost in the whirlpool of thoughts
so I drift.
anxiously waiting for a new one to emerge.
For writers who have a block...
Not that I  as you see is at a loss for words LOL
Ma Cherie Sep 2017
Love can be so fleeting
like the brightly shining sun
to leave you feeling sorely burned sometimes
or relieved when days are finally done
times to leave you feeling empty or leave you feeling perfect- full
sometimes love is high so grand
sometimes there is a quiet lull
sometimes it's awful easy true
other times
it's like a stupid an
stubborn bull

either way
- we always seek it
elusive like a distant dream
we chase it an ever wander on
to seek a perfect shining gleem,
like the rays of the sweet
warm sunshine
to finally bask in the
lovely glowing beam

that's what love is I think.
Copyright Ma Cherie 2017 still having trouble but trying anyway to write that is having trouble with the system here
Ami Shae Aug 2017
Time hides from me anymore--
          I tried to invite it to stay
I've double locked the door
          so it won't get away--
but still, it eludes me
          and I keep wishing it would just come
and set me free...
           I'm beginning to feel
that time has no time
           for the likes of me.
Seems my time here is fewer and farther between...My life is in such chaos these days and I keep thinking I'll have time to come here to read, to write, but somehow time just keeps escaping my grasp! Someday I hope to spend more time here! Hope all of you are doing well and won't give up on me!
amabel Aug 2017
She pranced among the cerulean flowers,
Not a care in the world.
Her smile so bright,
It competed with the sunshine.
She looked back,
Only to see that he was not following.
She frowned, and ran back.
She tried to grab his hand but hers passed through his slicing through thin air.
He shook his head with sad eyes and turned away.
Now confused and frantic, she lunged for the red sleeve of his shirt.
She only felt air pass through her hand as she fell towards the ground covered in flowers.

She woke up to the dissonant ringing of her alarm clock, gasping for air with tears streaming down her cheeks.
Writing this to help me go to sleep
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