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Amoy May 2018
Take take
Take it all
No give back
Fill your cup
Never fill mine
Feel the sunshine
Let me stand in the rain
I care, you don’t
Push but no pull
Receive but never give
Salute but never stand
Selfish, that’s your brand
Miss Clofullia May 2017
I think that I might've been wrong this whole time
and that all my life's been an endless road of false imagery
about myself and the ones surrounding me.

Everyone's sayin' these days:
"just do your thing!"
"be more egotistic!"
"risk it!"
"live a little!"
"give less ***** about what others think!"
"you're on your own!"
"don't get involved in other's lives, as they don't get involved in yours"
and I seem more and more confused,
not getting any of the words they're sayin';
feeling silly all of a sudden...
like I imagine some people in those pictures
or videos where they put a black box over someone's eyes.

I feel like I've been livin' as a small,
odorless flower in a big garden,
all a long waiting for the right gardener
to thin out the seedlings around me and now
I've ended up alone in the most beautiful vase,
in the house of the most gifted perfume creator,
that normally feels every bird ****,
but now feels nothing.
muna May 2016
You people don't appreciate me enough.
I mean my very presence should be a welcomed blessing
in the midst of your pathetic lives,
and my unmistakable genius.
Whilst I am forced into such close proximity to your kind,
who couldn't ever measure up to these high standards of mine.

You mock me and speak harshly of me.
But now it is a fact that indeed you are all just jealous and hateful,
strongly wishing you were the meticulous being that I am.
All my charitable deeds go to waste and so what more can I say?
I am perfection and therefore, man must dislike what they can not have.

Yet, as it is, I can still walk with an air of grace and dignity,
my head quite high
A true sign of an individual worthy of much acknowledgement.
We might know someone like this...
Rain Sunshine May 2015
The beauty in a bow will only show
the rancid flavor it musters when it opens it's throat .
With bland intentions of subjects but loud quirks , its grey eyes will shower you with gloat.
Sheepish , arched lips will saunter you a hiss.
Your pupils get lighter and the lies get higher.
Fond of their beauty in substance of looks , only will you find the meaning in books.

Will you rattle a smile on a hook when your success won battle with your humble good looks.

The vain that slithers out of your mouth wont be a match for whats out and about.
Check again looks don't overcome meaning but meaning overcomes gleaming .
So give me a higher reason for not being to dreamy?
Self-centered, no i remember , it's not the center in my last November.
Last time i checked the cab looked its best on the exterior and on the inside lacked of a barrier.
Now look again at the vain heart , covered with smudges and a bland start.
Look in deeper all you talked was about you, i checked again and please don't lie and tell me it isn't true.

i'm insane and you are too , if one is narcissistic then baby its you.

— The End —