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Rain Sunshine Mar 2017
c r y s t a l s

The tear drops were like crystals
mercilessly building up on her dark
eyelashes. Sniffing bitterly, she dried her
tears and stood in front of the mirror
trembling. She was broken inside and out
all she needed was love, love was the token.
She needed love to care for her neglected
heart as a glove of hope.
Rain Sunshine May 2015
I never really had an addiction

till the dolce of your intoxicating lips

filled me with thrills and scattered feelings .
Rain Sunshine May 2015
The beauty in a bow will only show
the rancid flavor it musters when it opens it's throat .
With bland intentions of subjects but loud quirks , its grey eyes will shower you with gloat.
Sheepish , arched lips will saunter you a hiss.
Your pupils get lighter and the lies get higher.
Fond of their beauty in substance of looks , only will you find the meaning in books.

Will you rattle a smile on a hook when your success won battle with your humble good looks.

The vain that slithers out of your mouth wont be a match for whats out and about.
Check again looks don't overcome meaning but meaning overcomes gleaming .
So give me a higher reason for not being to dreamy?
Self-centered, no i remember , it's not the center in my last November.
Last time i checked the cab looked its best on the exterior and on the inside lacked of a barrier.
Now look again at the vain heart , covered with smudges and a bland start.
Look in deeper all you talked was about you, i checked again and please don't lie and tell me it isn't true.

i'm insane and you are too , if one is narcissistic then baby its you.
The wind expressed through dying leaves
         An overwhelming undertow a silent tide
               On the hill the girls mind has gone
                   Craving past memories burned deep
                      Desperately drowning in life's sorrow
                                See the scars in her eyes
                     The sadness she can no longer hide
              Gone are the days of 'I'm just fine'
       Now she just sits and stares
As the world goes by
  May 2015 Rain Sunshine
Kate Lion
i take on other people's fears
find their masks lying around
i put them on for fun

i pull threads from people's coats
make a cocoon of them
of the weaknesses
the dreads
the sadness

but why

i want to know what it feels like
want to have pity on their starving, naked souls

but they eat me alive.

let them be keepers of their own darkness
i say
let them reach to you through the prison bars, the high bars set by society that most can never grasp
but i have to take off my shawl and drape it round their shoulders

it's all that i have left

there are two sides to me
one wants to give and give
the other wants to take and keep and scowl at the rainbows as they form overhead

one loves the sun
the other wishes that the rain would stay forever

how to pull me out of myself
out of the dark abyss i've created for my soul
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