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Hayleigh Mar 10
These people, these lives, these houses, these homes, these hills, these trees, these animals, these rivers, these seas.
We are not building an empire, we are destroying one, and every living, breathing thing in it.
We are walking catastrophes, entire tsunamis tripping off our tongues, rivers rolling between our lips. Streams of change, ebbing through microplastic in our veins with nets around our necks.
Let us be the change we want to see in the world, let us plant trees, climb to the top of them and scream from the top of our lungs for every single thing we are grateful for, let this planet be at the very top of that list.
As long as we inhale and exhale every moment; every memory, every molecule on this earth, let us not forget, we belong to it, and not the other way round.
There is so much yet we can do, so many lives we can transform, entire continents we can claim and cure.
Let us find peace before we are torn to pieces by our very own hands.
my anxiety had consumed me
i was looking for an out
my friends said you were the key
that, i didn't doubt

i was worried it could be risky
but my friends said it was time
said you worked better than whiskey
and you're taste was sublime

my friends all tried to claim
my troubles would be gone
soon like a moth to a flame
to you i was drawn

my confidence was frail
but my willingness had shifted
and with one deep inhale
my troubles were lifted

i was laughing and happy
and it all felt so great
my life had been really ******
you took away the pain, fear, and hate

why are you illegal
when you bless us so
you give us a feeling so regal
and let our smiles show

you remove all of our pain and hurt
to let us be happy for an hour
you pick our self esteems up out of the dirt
and let us appreciate the beauty in a flower

you allow us to appreciate
sight, smell, sound, touch and taste
as our lives depreciate
and more troubles are faced

our meeting was fateful
you let me be a happier me
i am forever grateful
for how you set me free
This is entirely up for your interpretation, however, I did write it about me going green.
Solitude Man Feb 2018
As he dug incisions his strikes left scars
The dagger of his betrayal pierced down my spine
Until the bees in my **** became still born
Dashing out of the woods they must but not without a fight in ton

As he dug incisions his strikes left scars
He smashed me into broken marbles and marooned my branches and barks
What Court shall i go to file legal leaves?
Or shall I just hide in Eve's fig leaves?

As he dug incisions his strikes left scars
A trace down my roots in search for these cursed maps
An Ephemeral oath of carbon for compost
He killed my seed and took her post

As he dug down the dust with his forked trucks
He fazed our land to build his tall blocks
What courts shall i go to make him leave?
Or shall I just perish and rest my greave?

                 - Ola Bajo
Myra Jan 2018
I love to photograph
the wild things in the land
If it weren't for the finned and clawed creatures
We wouldn't understand the
technology in our hands

Sonar is what we use to get a glimpse of pre-born babies
We have sonar from dolphins and bats
and yet we scream, "Rabies!"

We wouldn't understand infrasound if it weren't for
the elephants
But we only see their ivory, not their intelligence

Tigers and leopards are born to be trained assassins with
their patterned camouflaged coats
But we make them our trophies because humans need to gloat

We owe omega three's to the schools of fish who gave us healthy brains and hearts
But instead we fill their bellies with plastic and tear their reefs apart

Savannas and forests are turning into deserts because of climate change
But we insist it's just a theory
Who cares about polar bears anyway?

Yes, I love to photograph the wild beasts with
fins, claws, and tails
Because I'm afraid that someday
future generations will ask,
"What was once a whale?"
Nishank Aug 2016
A green carpet spread beneath my feet,
and a sepulchral dome of blue above…
I stood pondering over our equation with nature
and everything that fills her treasure trove.

The benevolent mother of greedy billions…
The silent surveyor of each and every sin.
Pain and agony fill her every single breath,
as she is mercilessly exploited by her kin.

Her omniscience is as impeccable as ever,
she knows the consequences we are destined to face.
She pities our nonchalance and ignorance,
as we foolishly tamper with her dignity and grace.

With a sobbing heart, she ceaselessly grieves,
as her veins are poisoned by what our factories spit.
As daily, humanity mocks and molests her,
and behaves with her as it deems fit.

Our ruthless attacks have left their scars,
in the crown of ozone that adorns her head.
And though she seals her lips with vast tolerance,
we mindlessly spray her face with mercury and lead.

She knows she is foolish to harbour such fiends,
but she cannot bear to see them languish.
And so she suffers so that we may prosper,
and never ever voices her wails of anguish.

But when we meddle in matters not meant for us
and treat His greatest creation with little care…
It’s impossible to escape the noose of justice,
and future will ***** these sins of past bare.

She knows it now, as she knew it then –
and being a mother has warned us as well.
Each tsunami, earthquake or a lava eruption,
is a mere snapshot of what lies in store in ****.

Yet we contemptuously dismiss these warnings,
to continue our imperious march to global havoc.
Extinction will soon be staring at our faces,
as death and destruction are bound to run amok.

This ailing planet is on critical life support,
and our insipid response has left it aghast.
It is begging us to take the green turn soon,
Lest the obdurate wheels of time run past.

Nature’s coffers are slowly but surely drying,
from our reckless use over all these years.
And a mother groans in stifled despair, searching
amongst her children for sympathetic ears.
**Wrote this in 2008. I am an amateur poet with a fetish for rhyme schemes of some form or the other. Not a big fan of prose poetry. Hope you like this one :-)
More of my poems: (Do visit!)
Sparkling Dust Aug 2015
There I sat under an unknown tree
A place so cozy and amazingly free
With a tired soul I looked around
And saw the beauty of nature's ground

How can something so fine and
be withered and ***** with color
The once elegant scent of fresh flowers
Turned into a dumpster of our wrong

I want to see how it was before, again
Back to the days when nature was sane
To when I was still able to see them
The sea that sparkles like precious gems

Here I sat under a shade
A once green shade, that now has fade
It used to be cozy and amazingly free
That one nature, I am dying to see
Did this some time ago. :)
Nicole Mar 2015
Tú que me alumbras cada día,
tú que acaricias mi piel
cantando una melodiosa sinfonía.

Puedo sentirte
en cada extremidad de mi cuerpo
mi pasión por ti
se fue creando con el tiempo.

Das vida y color a mi mundo
Me inspiras y haces que me exprese
en menos de un segundo.

Maravillas y desastres
creas a la vez,
guardas historias y misterios
de aquello que nunca podremos ver.

Eres única
en todos los sentidos
y al contemplarte
aumentas mis latidos.

En ti puedo ver
cosas que jamás encontraré,
eres lo más hermoso
que en este universo puede haber.

Das fruto y esperanza
aún cuando las fuerzas
no alcanzan.

Si otros no te aprecian,
yo sí lo haré,
no voy a permitir
que contaminen ese gran ser.

Me arropas de tus encantos
en cada anochecer,
esa espectacular imagen
y ese maravillso resplandecer

Tú sola te complementas,
admirable sueles ser,
contienes diversas cualidades que solo
tú puedes poseer.

Eres reflejo
de pureza y calidad,
eres todo un sueño
hecho realidad.

Pasados oscuros,
has podido vivir,
pero en ti siempre está
esa magia que te ha permitido resistir.

Muchos han tratado de tomar tu lugar,
pisotearte e ignorarte
y tu importancia anular.

En ti están
cautivadas las generaciones,
relatas cada evento de los humanos
y sus terribles acciones.  

Eres bella,
única y especial
y esa alma libre
que danza sin cesar.

A ti, Madre Tierra,
te quiero agradecer,
por ser esa inspiración
que me ayuda a crecer.

— The End —