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Kevin Castro Oct 2019
we are the sand on which man with his ever arrogant gait
treads. we are his tools, his land, his obstruction,
his children’s playthings, his building blocks
bounded only by the limit of his imagination.

to him, we are docile, but we are in conflict,
refusing to give way, robbing each other of the space
for breath, for drink.

we outnumber man as stars do, yet
our friction renders us subservient
to his hands.

we could be so much more.
if it were not for this
friction, this ****** friction,
we could bury oceans
and change the course of rivers.

it is my hope
that a great raptor shall beat her wings,
uniting us in her wind to rend flesh from bone,
that man’s blood shall be our water,
a medium to swallow him whole,

and we shall be dyed red like our brothers
on a former earth

who killed the god of war.
i submitted this to my university literary folio. im not allowed to disclose the results of the deliberations, but im still proud of it and id still really love some comments.
Hey Human! I am your Sibling.

Queen bee wings are Ripped,
bee niblings are Smoked
For Your Honey Sweet.
Hey human! Listen your Sibling’s Buzz.

Tiger lost bones for Medicine,
Fox lost fur for Fashion,
Sharks lost fins for Soup.
Hey human! Do Not Butcher Siblings.

Simba’s life is not your Trophy,
Jumbo’s tusks are not Decors,
Helmets of Hornbills are not jewels.
Hey human! Do Not Reap Siblings.

Emperors of ice continent lost land,
Economics is making Amazon less,
Logging makes Orangutans homeless.
Hey human! Do Not Invade Siblings.

Warm oceans bleach corals,
Water depleted in cities,
We ingest plastic regularly.
Hey human! Do Not Desert the Earth.

Overfishing is holocaust of aquatic life,
Livestock levitates toxic emissions.
Hey human! Do Not Prey on Siblings.

Lichens stunned by pollution,
Symbionts are disintegrating,
Biodiversity is declining.
Hey human! Be Together with Siblings.

Hey Human! We are Offsprings of Mother Nature.
Monera, Animalia, Fungi, Plantae, Protista
all have common roots.
We are branches of the one Phylogenetic Tree
rooting Common Ancestry unto LUCA.

Hey Human! We are Siblings.
Hey Human! Recall your Siblings.
Hey Human! Revive your Siblings.
Fraternity eliminates exploitation.By developing kinship with animals and other life forms we can pave way for sustainability.

This poem says how humans are exploiting various life forms of Earth and attempts to inculcate fraternity with them.

It deals with trophy hunting, ivory smuggling, animal skin trade, glaciers melting - Antarctica - Emperor penguins, deforestation, coral bleaching, endangered microorganisms, loss of biodiversity, plastic pollution, over-fishing, ill effects of animal husbandry, traditional medicine.
Clive Blake Jul 2017
When the wisest man in the world said
"It would be a tragic shame if ever
The Great Forest were to be reduced
To a small clump of trees."
Everyone, without exception, answered
"It certainly would."

So when The Great Forest
Was eventually reduced
To a small clump of trees,
That is what they decided to call it ...
It Certainly Wood.
I think we need more of these!
Diana Korchien Feb 2017
Pathetic humans that we are
To sell God’s kingdom for a car
Swapping Nature’s priceless joys
For ****** five-cent plastic toys

Our virtues are but very few
Much misery we wield
And in our craving for the new
A sorry pact’s been sealed

We think ourselves enlightened
In fact it’s a delusion
We race along hope’s yellow brick road
But spy not its conclusion

© Diana Korchien 2013
Written for a performance by E11 Eco, Transition Leytonstone's ecopoetry performance group.
- Jun 2016
"You know,"
he says
as he fiddles with his Joy Division shirt,

"The human race
has escaped the food chain
and that is why
we are ruining the earth"
This actually was said to me today by a stranger in my home and I found it very profound
Ottar Feb 2015
all the animals alive breath air,
their bodies do as ours
bad air for, good air and a want,
to be on the plus side
of the equation
all the humans living and alive
breath their share of air,
warm bodied pulses
staking a claim on the status quo
physically to stay alive,
stewards  of the blue marble ship
surrounded by a vulnerable
bubble, trapping, producing
pure air
there is no quota all deserve a fair
share, so it will be with life,
all night and all day
greed takes it away, suffocates
freedom unless there is a fight,
To survive
all night and all day,
Keep fighting, for air
Keep peace in your heart,
Keep love on your tongue,
Tasted and spoken,
all night and all day.
If there are animals insects fish people that do not breathe air or the O2 within, the air, they don't know what they are missing, being part of this write....   B-)
Thank the trees the grasses for having a gas to our benefit
Forest lords
Wooden towers crowned with leaves
Ancient ones betrothed in rock
Remember eons of unchallenged royalty
Absolute emerald dominion betwixt heaven and brine
Kings and queens orchestrate all life under the sun with green brilliance
Compress millennia of dominance into rings of rich summers and harsh winters
Verdant barbarians war with infernos cast from clouds and seeped from stone
Arisen from ash
Battlefield turned nursery
Vicious children come out to play
Plagued with newfound armored titans
Crawling clawing flying biting gnashing slashing
Tooth and nail, premonitions of horrors yet to take flesh
Blossoming beauty arises amid clashing chaos, disrupting destruction
A union of war
Giants shelter
Scurrying furry fiends to be
Refuge for ancestors, home where none could be found
Paid back with destruction and hewn for survival
Hacked down by rancorous iron axes, severed into fuel
Posthumously burned, breeding cruel apparitions with glinted memories
Stirred in the funeral pyre of deep-seated old gods battling against hell itself
Brought to knees
G  r  o  w
Each line should be longer than the line before it, lines 7, and 9, shouldn't have their terminal words on the lines after.

— The End —