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Butch Decatoria Jan 2019
To survive
And sustain itself,
Must eat life / in this physical plane

In our pains and stains
Everyday we feel
Our souls drained
Of chi’s otherness
Just “because” unforgivingly
We are warring
With our selves for goodness sakes
For love in life
Do not mistake
My kindness is not weak
Still Their’s needs please

Society’s Pleasantries
Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Thick skinned
To survive
That there
These here     skids
                The secret war’s
Forgive me for having been
Almost lost who now
I am or was

But beyond the human sufferings
Painful lack
All as One
Light is
Mums the word.
Chloe Jun 2018
People fear meaningless things,

An occurring fear occurs,

Everyone's afraid of death,

So they say,

But I say, what's there to be afraid?

I know my fate,

Just let it take me already,

I'm not missing out on much,

I'm not suicidal,

But death,

Tis so sweet,

It's ruby lips,

Poison dripping,

Calling my name,

Hair on end,

Goosebumps rising on my skin,

Chills dancing down my spine,

It won't take much effort,

To end it all.

Can't you see?

I'm not afraid of death at all
Jas Sep 2017
Intimidation is a tactic. It ignites nerves and fear. Don't respond the way they want you to. Don't prove anyone right, you are not a postulate.
People think they're slick in college. The best thing about people watching you, is you watching them.
Brandon May 2016
Might make them angry
It will make you free
If no one has ever told you
Your freedom
Is more important than their anger
You should never feel pressured to say 'yes' to someone or for anything. Sometimes saying 'no' is the best answer, and everybody should know their limits.
Dark Jewel Feb 2016
When you think to surrender,
Remember this one thought.**

You are not alone.

— The End —