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K Balachandran May 2016
A still pool dreaming,
Meddling wind on it's surface,
Ripples voice protests.
Knights Jan 2016
I don't know what's worse
Coming face to face
With the thing you fear most
Or never seeing it
But knowing that it's there

. . .
Having this sight as I lay in dim light, and as I stare in the distance, pitch darkness is what's seen
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
The moment it occurs to mind that something has gone wrong it disturbs the mind
Disturbance, then becomes a part routine
A disturbed mind feels insecured and fearsome about the future.

Unpredictable are the ways of life when disturbance occupies a definite place in life
Since long time disturbance has always remained a part of life at one moment of time or another.

Whether you agree or accept
Deny or disagree
One thing remains for sure
At some point in time everyone’s life has been through turbulent waters

Childhood, youth, middle age, old age, whatever may be your age group?
At some point in time the reason for feeling insecured in the present is because of a disturbance from past, which is not only recognized, but also occupies a place in the present.

It can be anything
It can be all
Disturbance can be a part of everyday life
Disturbance can be related to a particular moment in time
Still with everything that is being said and all that is being done
One thing remains for sure
Disturbance occupies a definite place in everyone’s life.

It's not as to whether you handle a situation effectively or tackle a problem
When it comes to disturbance of mind it's always better to use presence of mind
A volatile situation if it goes from bad to worse it will not only spoil the present, but also ruin the future

Be not only practical, but also confident
Make up your mind
Handle the frequent changes in the present with regards to what else and what more is possible
Presence of mind will help to control the situation, if used positively
Also otherwise, apart from the disturbance make up your mind to adjust the present with regards to the uncertain future.
Do you enjoy* causing trouble wherever you go?
Do you enjoy hurting people wherever you go?
Do you enjoy disturbing the peace we work towards?
Do you enjoy threatening the dreams we fight for?
Do you enjoy making problems for people?
Do you enjoy creating evil after evil?
Do you enjoy forcing others to cry?
Do you enjoy pushing others to die?
A serious message for the earnest to pass on to the apathetic.


© Jordan Dean "Mystery" Ezekude
A-S Mar 2015
Travelling with the speed of light, in the darkness of the salty waters; these fish are like no other. The way they separate their personal space defines the disturbance of our minds. Finding yourself at peace is like a fish returning to it's 'crowd', taking their own route, finding happiness in a place where there is no drought.
Cee Valenso Jul 2014
No longer mere figures following me
Developing minds of their own
They seek liberation from the commands of my feet
To fully manipulate me

Morphs into labyrinths before my eyes
Entrapping me into the darkness
Its unceasing modification disorients me severely
A thriving attempt to hold me captive

Lose their jaunty sparkle in the tenebrous sky
Turning into prying eyes whose gazes burn my skin
They observe me like a peculiar specimen
I am not alone

Begin to sound discordant to my ears
Reverberating vociferously across my room
Strident tunes thwack my skull mercilessly
Unable to think

Fails to function properly
Unhinging the helpless one
Its thoughts are chaotic, and in shambles
Another man is lost

— The End —