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Dinah M Jul 2015
you were my getaway
and now i need to get away from you
the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.
Dinah M Jul 2015
|­                                                                 ­      |
|            love yourself.                                  |
|              you are all that you need.          |
|                                               ­                        |

  Jun 2015 Dinah M
secrets are only fun
when shared with someone
// two can keep a secret if one of them is dead //
Dinah M Jun 2015
"hey sweetie, how was your day?"
and she replied she was okay
but there was something on her mind
someone she tried so hard to find
she thought he could fix her
change her for the better
but he didn't
sometimes your worst eneny is your thoughts.
  Jun 2015 Dinah M
Hate crimes are too cute of a name,
It's should be "crimes against humanity" or "humanity's ultimate shame".
Listen well,
For I have a story to tell.
God says to LOVE everyone,
No hate towards anyone.
However we see Christians say gay marriages are sins,
Hating on anyone who's different.
The bible was supposed to educate about love,
A word of peace and advice from the man above.
All those people mentioned had their own sins,
Each the same yet different.
However a true Christian would show nothing but love,
For it is HIS word, the man with the angels from above.
When those responsible for inflicting pain upon those who are different,
I can't wait for their reaction.
Because he will look down upon them and punish them for being tormentors,
Not his loyal followers.
Then there are those who aren't Christian,
Those who just don't like anyone who's different.
You all know who you are,
Your crimes against humanity are like deep tissued scars.
You hate on someone who has different colored skin,
You hate on them for all they've been.
You say they only take jobs and breathe our air,
Even though you know it's unfair.
It's not them you should be blaming for this,
Blame the government.
They were born that way,
They didn't have a say.
All those who've blamed others due to their skin color is a *****!
Your entire mindset should be gone.
"These Mexicans are taking our jobs",
No they are not.
They're doing what you would do,
Work even though it's hard and new.
You shouldn't blame a certain race because you're so insignificant and unable to work,
You would do the same if you were in the same situation as him or her.
"We need to stop these illegals from coming in",
I get it but don't punish the person.
They work hard, it's not their fault that they want the American dream,
Even though it is only a dream.
Instead of hating on humanity,
Why don't you do something for everybody?
Stop being a vile idiot,
Do something that's worth it.
It's time for us to stop blaming others,
We are in charge of our destinies to make it better.
Stop with the prejudices,
Stop with the injustices.
Stop the hate,
Deal with the problems that are to blame.
This isn't a fantasy,
This is reality!
Now shut up and quit your hate,
You're in charge of your own fate.
  Jun 2015 Dinah M
You are a firework,
Big, colorful, beauty, bright.

The only problem with fireworks,
Is that they always fade to soon.

don't fade away, please
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