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Kimberly Lore Apr 2017
In college, I had a friend that we called 'dad'
Because he made awful jokes and puns
And he herded us wild things
But whenever we came back
From holidays you could expect
That all of your knickknacks
were on your bed artfully arranged
And when you were down
He would commandeer
My roommate's horse puppet
(Yeah, you read right, she had a horse puppet)
And do voices and 'bite' you
Until you complied
Seán Mac Falls Aug 2016
To face the world, a runt,
With such brunt and abasement,
Is to know ones place in the scheme,
Standing in the stream of frivolous
Happenings, this is the dance,
To be danced, this is the play,
Yet, he has the ears of a king,
To jest with such fire is to be
Ferocious, not feeble, his mocks
Are mostly mirrors for the blind,
For madness is a known methodology,
How he revels round the sad theatres
Of the high born absurd, how he speaks
In tongues and with bold proclamations
Only taut whispers of wind would know?
He is certain that the spindle fates are real
And that lightening strikes purposefully,
Kingdoms will fall, as the sun will rise,
As the noble trees ring with ideologies,
Without travails, he is always arriving,
To sleep out of doors, this is his way,
The path, the masted ship of fools.
The Fool, from Shakespeare's 'King Lear':
The Fool does not follow any ideology. He rejects all appearances, of law, justice, moral order. He sees brute force, cruelty and lust. He has no illusions and does not seek consolation in the existence of natural or supernatural order, which provides for the punishment of evil and the reward of good. Lear, insisting on his fictitious majesty, seems ridiculous to him. All the more ridiculous because he does not see how ridiculous he is. But the Fool does not desert his ridiculous, degraded king, and accompanies him on his way to madness. The Fool knows that the only true madness is to recognize this world as rational.
She who summons those songbirds with ease
- will be - in each life - much too good for me;
- though, - a mean, mannish boy can dream
- bout' those eyes that shimmer an' gleam.
Tis' early April - an' I've proven myself a fool
- for I'm dreaming bout' that glimmering jewel.
The things I do dream : they may not ever be
- but I refuse ta' let my blind eyes know they can't see.
So -- even still - I continue to dream
- an' stay, so ignorantly, full o' glee.
*I am, but, a fool.
Yay - one who'll
 - stay adoring
 - that glimmering jewel
- o' a human being.
April Second, Two-Thousand an' Seventeen
( Yesterday's Poetry Prompt )
Derek DM Apr 2017
It's really a ruse
Not to confuse
The body with
the Mind.
In cold, disparate spaces
In careless, drab faces
Pushing us
to lose that behind
But really it's knocking
what's under that stocking
hat that you wear
all the time
You know who you're fooling
When this drive starts cooling
You can't push this body
without changing your mind.
- Apr 2017
April 1
the day we celebrate people like myself
who has been a fool for 365 days
trying to win people like you
winter sakuras Apr 2017
shake out my suit and tie,
and, let my hands ride
in nice golden silk gloves,

gotta polish those shoes, along with that smile
make em' gleam so hard
that the Joker would be proud

what, mom?
did you say
don't go out breaking any hearts this evening?
well, don't I always~

and even though thunder and heavy rains
scour my natural set of mind,
today's forecast
is a breezy, warm day
followed by a diamond night sky,
with beautiful, flickering
orange lampposts

well, here I go
striding confidently along beside the wind,

got a pocketful of crumbs
and a pocketful of laughter,
which one
would you prefer?

well, if you're a bird
I know which one you'd choose, lol

and if you're someone
drunk on tears
well then, here ya go!
some laughs for you  ~^,^~

slide up to
pretty ladies (and pretty men he- he- he)

blow kisses
flash that smile,
shoot money in the air
and make it rain
dollar signs and greed
( cause they're the same, get it? :D )

ha- ha- ha,
what a wonderful, perfect evening, indeed!

it all comes with a price, though!
what! you thought I said
it would all be free?

no, love,
nothing in life is ever free
(except for greed lol~)

not a single smile,
not a pocketful of crumbs or laughter
not a kiss
and most certainly,
not me!

so, pay up, fool!
<3 + $ = </3 &*%^#@ f*ck...
Happy April Fool's day
Happy Every Day is a Fool's day~
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