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Adaa Sayed May 2020
I thought  I could .
Afterall all these times , I finally thought I could .
But I lay in bed , unmoved till death .
The knife in my chest .
I only wanted you to tell me you loved me mom .
I still regret .
I wish I was more alive than dead .
- Adaa Sayed
Adaa Sayed May 2020
I don't know anymore .
Who to believe who to not .
I just don't feel like me anymore .
I don't .
- Adaa Sayed
Adaa Sayed May 2020
I saw her .
But she never told me .
I loved her .
She said the same thing .
My mother .
She was .
Made slave by someone ,
I loved to call dad .
One night with a knife ,
I saw her .
Perhaps that was the last of her .
That knife was used to **** her .
She didn't **** herself .
She didn't run for help .
Because she stood there for me .
Dr Zik Nov 2017
You are!
The source of
Pleasure and calmness!
I recall You!
In deep city noises
I request You!
In deep dark nights
I talk with You!
In a solitude
I smell You!
When I wander about
I have You!
When I need You, Lord!
You are the answer!
Of unseen questions
You are the solution!
Of upcoming problems
O! my Lord!
You are!
The source of
Pleasure and calmness
For the heart
That recalls You!
With and within heartbeats.
Dr Zik's Poetry

— The End —