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Aneesh H Aug 2020
The whistle of the steam loco,
the dark cloud of smoke,

the appetizing aroma of momo & chai
Enough to take your senses so high

And overlook from the mountain above
At the trifle of the woes of daily life, so low!
#Darjeeling is a hill town in Eastern India, dotted with beautiful mountains, and tea estates dating back to the times of British Colonial Rule. It also houses the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage. One of the oldest steam locomotives chugs the 'toy train' up the hill there. It is sheer joy to be on that train with clear views of the estates, hills and springs.
Aneesh H Aug 2020
I could never compose a #Limerick
Attempting in vain I grew sick
Trying to get the rhyme scheme A A B B A
And scribble incoherent verses everyday
In vain, to the good ol' free verse, shall I stick!
I attempted a Limerick
Aneesh H Aug 2020
Memories of a railroad era, bygone,
Nearly seven score years ago
Stories carried on the wheels,
With the coal and grain to go

A saga of the rail,
Now and again told
The charm of this tale,
Never growing old

Of modernity and mystery,
A kaleidoscopic visage:
An ensemble of hope and history,
A treasured, eclectic heritage

The railfan’s fervor: in full galore
In silent splendor, the glories of yore
In this humble house, come awake
A radiant reminiscence evokes!
Recently, a Railway Heritage Museum was opened at Hubballi, Karnataka: the HeadQuarters of South Western Railway. Hubballi or Hubli is a twincity of Dharwad, the erstwhile HeadQuarters Office of Southern Mahratta Railway, which was a private Railway Company founded in 1880s during British Colonial Rule.
I wrote a poem for the Museum, which is framed as a permanent exhibit on the Museum Wall!
  Jul 2020 Aneesh H
Divya Midha
The Mask I have,
it masks my face !
Protecting me from COVID
at every new place!!

I wear this Mask, Morning till Dine!
A bit suffocating,
but keeps me breathe fine!!

I‘ve chosen the one,
easy to knot!
It does look funny!
or probably may not!!

It keeps me safe from the pandemic blow!
But doesn’t hide My “SELF”,
from the world I know!!

It never hides my sorrows,
My grief or my pain !
It doesn’t stop my tears,
that roll down as rain!!

The Mask I have,
is visible to all!
Unlike the ones, keeping
another behind the wall!!

The second one they keep,
Isn't  visible on  face!
Hiding their emotions,
true self and grace!!

The mask they carry, is not for the care!!
It helps to pretend,
someone so rare!!

I wish the day comes, when fear goes away!
To never come back
never ever any day!!

“The secret”, I visualized,
I am writing to convey!  
To Live being REAL
as long as we stay!!
Let’s “PUT OFF” these masks ,
On One Fine Day!!
Aneesh H Jul 2020
I desire a daily verse:
A dose of well-worded fun;
Be it verbose or terse
Wrap it in a witty pun!
Aneesh H Jul 2020
Do we need a verse
To heed, To converse?

All that this vagrant begs:
A gentle caress, a soft murmur
A warm embrace, a wafted whisper

Pumping up each vein:
Memories of an incurable pain
While you feign nonchalance
Of the nightly jasmine's fragrance
Aneesh H Apr 2020
Every night I shut my eyes
In the hope of a new 'morrow
Only to see the sun rise
To the same, sullen sorrow!
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