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Steve Aug 2019
Two similarly themed poems looking at the question of Scottish Independence and it’s symbolism.

Our Bonny Blue Flag

Our Bonny blue flag
She calls in the breeze
Rise up, rise up from your knees
The Saltire’s afire
Hope is aflame
She calls, she calls in our name
The time has come
Time to stand, time to stand free.

St Andrew

St Andrew’s cross
And why wouldn’t he be!
It’s the crux of the matter
The gate is slowly creaking open.
K Balachandran Nov 2018
A praying mantis,
After playing the part of leaf,
Merges seamlessly!
Tommy Randell Feb 2017
Yes I liked it once
Now I have no choice in this
One of us has changed
I could have named this Cruxes, but I didn't.
Mysidian Bard Nov 2016
Love, lust, desire
These are dreams that will become
My own cross to bear
LJ Jun 2016
Revelational 33 in triangulation
A one, the perpendicular, the two
A pyramid adjoint in intersections
Recalled dream of masters and teachers

Repentant breeze on drowned water
a leather polished and scaled to sleek
A lover, my 33 year old angelic man
Reaped at the foot of the rooted crux

Restored from the mire and mirage of mares
An outward crimson, the glorified grace laced
A river that flow eastwards on descending cliffs
Revolved from the depth of oceanic rocks

Revelational 33 in triangulation
A light, the spotlight pearl unfurled
A  force that will never die but live
Rectifies and autocorrected from the abyss
Love you loads baby, ;always missing you and thinking about you always! An ember that always glows in the rumble. My spotlight, my warmth...... a master number 33!
aniket nikhade Apr 2016
Have faith in yourself
Don’t wait for things to happen.

Move ahead along with the present moment in time
Move ahead with what you are supposed to do in the present
Move ahead with what you have in your mind
Move ahead along with the same.

Definitely everything will not happen according to what was thought, planned, designed and desired.
A few things will fall in place while the rest will take time.

Move ahead along with the present moment in time
Move ahead with all that you have got in your mind
Move ahead with what you have got with yourself in the present.

Keep in mind something will come along the way
If not an opportunity,
then definitely something similar to that,
if not better.

Till then, move ahead with what you have got to do at the present moment in time
A moment in time will come when you will realize that it was better that I continued with what I had in my mind,
better that I did not give up then,
at least as of now I know the things that need to be done.

Probability, possibility, priority, positive nature can shape and enhance the scope of future,
however in doing so always it’s better to keep in mind never give up against the odds at the present moment in time.

Never keep everything on hold,
never give up at the same moment in time.

No one knows when the right moment in time will come
Exactly when will it happen,
for as and when,
whenever it happens,
it will change everything then with regards to the future.
Till then don’t wait for that for that moment in time to come and happen in your life.

Continue with what you have
Better to continue with the same
Definitely a moment in time will come when everything will change and that will be the right moment in time
A moment in time which will change everything in the present with regards to all that needs to be done and ascertained with respect to the future.
Olga Valerevna Feb 2016
My heart has weathered follies I may never understand
And what of this perdition nearly ending what I can't
To bare another season I will need to be assured
That everything before this has been nothing but a blur
My lips have tasted fire but my tongue is still in tact
and I will let its fury run its course along my back
With everything in motion there's a way for me to tell
That I am coming out of some relentless little hell
I'll dance myself in circles with the strength that has remained
And slip into my skin as though I choose to live again
Appearance has no value lest it channels what's inside
and once the people see it they will open up their eyes
genuine to the eye

— The End —