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on the stool the Mantis sat
I watched him for a good while
until he turned to face the piano
stretched his incredibly long legs and arms
and began to play
a version of colorblind so intensely beautiful
it brought tears to my shallow eyes
and warmth to my frozen heart
just after the final note echoed down the hallway
he snagged a fly that had fallen
under the hypnotic beauty of his play
he turned his head in that peculiar way they do
and gazed at me
blinked one giant eye and said
'never assume'
don't ask
Mark Toney Oct 2019
focused praying mantis still as a stick
clueless prey three times its size-
best friend of gardeners
10/13/2019 - Poetry form: Kimo - An Israeli form of haiku that has three lines with a 10-7-6 syllable format and which does not rhyme. Also, the Kimo is focused on a single frozen image (kind of like a snapshot). So it's uncommon to have any movement happening in kimo poems. - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
K Balachandran Nov 2018
A praying mantis,
After playing the part of leaf,
Merges seamlessly!
K Balachandran May 2018
a praying mantis,
comes dressed up as a green leaf;
prayer or duping?
Elaina Feb 2013
the mantus, praying
prayer in life. prayer in death. home.
unwavering faith
Duke Thompson Sep 2014
Eat me before I eat you
Staring with **** eyes
I'll be yer mantis
(Who's the *****)
Swallow me whole
Devour me alive
Loving it more
Than all the whips of Caesar
Regurgitated hate like
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Or pigs feeding on blood and bones
At the trough

Boring my way out thru
Yer ****** ulcer guts
You shouldn't drink like a fish
If you aren't at sea
Weakening your resolve
With surly drunk parasitic me
This is how we show
Our extensive toxic love sensibility
The Terry Tree Aug 2014
Invisible leaf that resides among one billion
Reminding us at will to stand still
The constant battle that our lifetimes can create
Aren't always open to agree or negotiate
Much like your nymphs we are like children
Crying in obstinance "Deliver us from evil!" with your grace

Teach us to draw upon our powers
Guide us to step down from our towers
Open up our ignorance to unlimited dimensions
Of consciousness and gentle contemplation
As we align our will with God
Spirit Mantis instruct our inner faith

Enabling our prophecy of strength and ancient peace
Bringing forth the song that sings and dreams
Of loving life force in between us, every soul
Survival's toll is not just individual
Calm as can be to walk on water and to believe
That every son and every daughter has a place

Look into the eyes of praying mantis
Observe the way her clever stance is
Like a meditation pose and prayer-like dance
He is our guide to quietly reside inside
The home our heart protectively shares and confides
A safety zone, a loving tone, and glowing space

As I kneel, as we pose, as we pray for all of those
Who cannot hear or see the beauty you bestow
Spirit guide us, please un-divide us
Show us your tranquil meditative flow
And in this may we hear what we behold
Will allow comfort to become the world we know


— The End —