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RH 78 Feb 2015
Jealousy breeds envy but breeding is envious if done lots!
Kvltz Jan 2015
there is no truth
only real
you can't take that from me
am i really
that insane
the light is not pretend

soak it in
pay attention
open your heart to me
are you really
telling me
my life is just pretend

feel it with
all that you are
you can't take love from me
can it really
go unseen
a love that's not pretend

a broken era
a generation
you won't take that from me
all i really
need is you
our life is not pretend

a dying age
you gave this all to me
at least until the end
Rachel Lyle Sep 2014
I am ineffectual,
And strange,
But I wouldn't,
No, couldn't change
For your constricting

I am a gypsy-
Don't you see?
Ride free.

— The End —