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Francois May 18
you are probably asking,
why boom?
well, let me tell you,

boom is an explosion of letters
boom is a form of speaking
boom is a thunder
boom is a resonant sound
boom is a Deep... LOUD sound
boom might be a boomer
might boom be bad?
might it be a bomb?
is boom that idea you've been looking for?
is it a reaction?

Did someone get hurt
Francois May 16
I stay awake through the night
I stay awake through the night
Listening to the incessant rain.
Might as well turn on the light.

Time for a trip down memory lane
All to the rain’s beat
You’ve been there, do I need to explain?

Down this path, I stroll with weary feet
I know the memories waiting to make me cry
Must I keep going down this street?

I want to bid the past good-bye
Rise to an unfathomed height
Reach for the blue sky

But that’s not happening, right?
I stay awake through the night.

Then, the happy thought's come
They battle the sadness
But more memories come,
And come,
They make me crumble in the inside

But one thing
Can change it all,
What might it be?
It's a long road,
And I'm on my own.
I'm scared of the things,
That I don't know.
Francois May 16
Aim high reach for the star and sky
Shun your laziness and fear
Stride in the right path with head held high
This is a short inspirational poem
Francois May 15
Have you ever noticed the bubbly ones
The life of the party
Is usually a tragic one
The one with the sad past
The one who has nothing to live for
But everything at once.
Thx to my teacher Miss Simmons for helping me in the art of poetry
Francois May 15
You might think, why were we invented
You might think, why are we here?
I think we are all here for a purpose,
and we need to serve it well.
This poem just came out of my mind

— The End —