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We built a world
Where eternity exists
In a small box.

-- Eleanor
I've always admired your pretty eyes
For the way you stare makes me melt.
Until one day I realized
You're just waiting for me to make a mistake.
I have been riding the hand of the clock at the very second I met you.

I held as it tick and tock completing a minute, and I held more as it ran an hour.

I was grateful as it counted a day. I was screaming with joy as it reached more than months.

I was a fool for not knowing it was a timer set to end.
Many months have passed
Memories have turned to dust
Were you real or not?
"In the months that had passed, I would sometimes wonder if I'd remembered it correctly, or if time and far too much going over the events of that night had clouded my memory. "

-- Morgan Matson, Save The Date
If there's much pain in leaving as there is in staying, where shall I go?
Monica Alvarez Dec 2018
I thought I was great with words,
Until I could not say anything right
To stop you from leaving.
Monica Alvarez Nov 2018
She held flowers to her chest
as she falls asleep.
She prayed and wished for her death
And the universe sadly granted it.

She started fading away
As she closed her eyes.
All the noises and pain—
It was gone along with her life.

Everyone wondered
As to why she ever did it—
Killing herself with a blade
Leaving her wrist with a slit.

They said she was a sad girl,
The kind of which who always cry.
But none of them ever saw her
With a tear falling from her eye.

They felt sorry for the girl
As they watched her lie.
But she was more beautiful in death
Than she was when she's alive.

A dark pool of people
Was shredding tears on her grave
Little do they know
Of how long she's been so brave.
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