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blkorchid Jul 2018
hopefully when i call
the constellations will appear
tears hang like crystals
from yesteryear
the vapors sail out from a distance
yet leave my soul feeling very cold
underneath the moonlight
deeper than the sky above
hoping that when you come
I will call again.
© rainbows and sunshine 2018
Ana Sep 2018
I love you like I love the sky and everything he embraces
the stars
the moon
the sun
I love you with the  same intesity I believe in the power of falling stars
am  I wrong?  I don´t know
I do believe
And I do love you
Amanda W Oct 2014
She dresses all in shades of reds and blues
She cries the world grey
Cold and dark, her heart is fire.
Her mood evolves every day.

— The End —