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Deepti S P May 2020
Sweet and savoury,
Smothered in rich tomato sauce,
Adding a pinch of spices like cumin, pepper and garam masala ;
Brings in a great combination of flavour and aroma,
Making baked beans smell so wonderful.
Healthy and super delicious,
Utterly addictive and irresistible,
Quick and easy breakfast,
Love to have it with Dejeunette Viennoise and Croissant along with a bite of cutlet,
One of my favourite morning delights on the dining table.
I love exploring cuisines from across the globe. I am a foodie with epicurean taste buds. Baked beans is one of my favourite.
Deepti S P May 2020
Those having faith in God,
Those praying with utmost sincerity,
Get blessings and love to face hardships without losing hope.
Deepti S P May 2020
A sacred bird and a psychopomp,
Mysterious and ominous,
Known for their sparking intelligence,
Connecting us with the world of spirits.

Flying in pairs and doing rolls and somersaults in the air,
Flying upside down and dropping objects and catching them in mid air,
A magnificent view of the birds,having fun in the sky.

Building their mansion on the trees,
Collecting twigs, bark strips and leaves,
And precisely placing them to make a receptacle.
Awesome to see the loving pairs making a settlement.

Protecting their nests by keeping an eye on potential dangers,
Attacking predators by flying at them and lunging with their large bills.
Feeding their young ones and demonstrating devotion to their families,
Is something worth watching.
It's amazing to observe very fine details of Raven like the noises they make, the sounds they produce,performing wing-tucked dives and their super natural intelligence.
Deepti S P May 2020
People with phantasm,
Castigating and nitpicking over tiny details,
Not judging the verity of the status quo,
Are those who don't see the truth.
We have to come across judgmental  and opinionated people in our lives.They actually don't see a situation through our eyes.They easily jump to conclusions without evaluating the truthfulness of the situation.Perception differs for every individual.Real people are least affected by it because they don't have an image to maintain.
Deepti S P May 2020
Seemingly out of nowhere,
I have experienced an incessant yearning for sweets.
When I see mouth-watering sweets gracing my table,
An intense temptation grow inside me,
My desire goes on elevating;
Making it hard to satiate my selective hunger.
It's always an overwhelming feeling,
triggering a happy spot in my brain.
For all those who have a craving for sweets.Most of us have a temptation for sweets.
Deepti S P May 2020
When I look into the sky,
Amidst the dark clouds,
Amongst a bed of stars,
There appears before me,
A star which shines the brightest, drawing my attention.
No other star could outshine,
The sparkling beauty of my star.
I could hear, my guiding star, whispering to me:
"Oh my child, I am by your side, night and day,
Holding your hands, in every walk of your life,
So, enjoy your life to the fullest;
I am always there for you,
I am always there for you".
Its really a pleasure feeling when you look at the sky.You feel like you are connected to another world.You get completely lost in the beauty of the stars in the sky.Some stars shine more brightly than others.I always had the feeling that the brightest star is whispering something to me whenever I look into the sky.
Deepti S P May 2020
Pitter-patter, Petrichor
Lightning, Peals of thunder, Gusty winds
A feeling of freshness
Feel the rain
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