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Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 2020
"I made my heart like an iron
but he came like a  magnet to steal iron"

This few lines is based on my personal experience about life.
Someones make their heart is so strong. I think about myself,
i made it like an iron but still he came like magnet to steal iron.
Thanks for reading.
Brandy Nicole Aug 2020
I regret telling
them about
you back in
bringing you from the

Even with the looming fear
of your absence, I crave
your bitter affection..

I'm hooked
see the look in your eyes
and my name on your lips
has me dancing
with sin
Anais Vionet Aug 2020
You’re such a cute guy!!
You always look relaxed and detached
and a little confused or bemused.
It makes me want to enlist in assisting.
Your lips look seriously delicious.
Your eyes are green and serene.
You’re simply beautiful  sigh
(**** these binoculars are good!)
I can't get even close
Anais Vionet Jul 2020
I see your face, and like a splash of clear
cold water - I’m startled awake from loneliness.
I hear your voice, and like something lost
and wanted, I feel a breathless interest.
A video stutter is a cruel and sudden reminder
- you are unknowably remote - and this magic
connecting us is just another of passion's obstacles.
I miss personal contact  =/
Adhara Sygnus Jul 2020
you have the same effect on me,
that the full moon has on the ragin' tides
Agata Ewa Jun 2020
can you try too hard
too much
too strong
too fast
I cannot stop my thoughts
they circle and circle
and find you again
am I falling?
how can I, if I cannot recall your face
Anais Vionet Jun 2020
You’ve stopped talking to me and I don’t know why...

I hate this - this feeling - this anguish, with it’s retinue of mysteries.

Was it something I said? I’m sorry - I curse my rebel lips.

Was it something I didn’t say? I’m sorry - I was the unaware child.

I’m just a girl – not some faultless machine

There needs to be a manual – a manual for... everything - so Id know.

Is there a more contemporary narrative than disappointment at the hands of this Internet plaything - this toy-like trap we hope will inform us and we think we command?

I know questioning destroys some things.. but I don’t understand.

I don’t understand.
A poem about the mystery of rejection - it turns out I was overreacting =]   Oh, how rare =]
Agata Ewa Jun 2020
I can see you from the distance
Ginger hair and tall figure
Then your arms lift me up
Close, my heartbeat fastens
Your voice reaches deep
Your pace is fast
Am I chasing after you already?
will you let me catch up
I see you look at me
Your eyes, a puzzle
What you’re hiding
are you with me, or else
far away
lost to me
we laugh and talk
time flies
moment flickers
you were mine only then
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