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Leilani Apr 2020
Your sweet words fill my heart,
your smile brings me joy.
I knew from the start,
you were not just another boy.

You see, I want you to know,
just how much you make me smile;
Just how much I want to grow
and go the extra mile.

I want to see it all,
and even hear you snore.
No habit big or small,
could walk me out the door.

Your eyes leave me wanting,
Your words tell me so—
I can’t help it, my jaw-dropping,
every time we say hello.

I cannot contain my excitement,
I cannot hide my grin.
Everything I feel is heightened,
to be inauthentic feels like a sin.

They call this the “honeymoon phase.”
I know feelings must be tempered.
But I cannot fake or delay,
just how these emotions are treasured.

So I’m up for the undertaking,
The challenge set before us.
I don’t see my thinking changing,
no matter what the distance does.

I know this is day by day,
I understand playing it by ear.
Though this must also be conveyed:
I really have no fear.
Leilani Apr 2020
How I wish I could say
everything I hope to share
all I desire to convey
I have plenty words to spare

Your smile shines a light
your puns make me giggle
our conversations sure excite
I’m rethinking staying single

You are no stranger to hard labor
you love dogs as much as humans
we share a passion for nature
I’m drawing all kinds of conclusions

You have a keen eye
for photography and rhymes
you don’t seem in short supply
on top of all that, you climb!

don’t think I’m too sentimental
but I wear my heart on my sleeve
I’m excited about the potential
That you might be the final thief

“A thief” you exclaim?!
whatever could I mean?
Just let me explain
give me a chance to come clean

I’ve become tired of the games
fed up with endless searching
flings lose their flame
I’m looking for more than flirting

I think you might feel the same
and my heart skips a beat
when I hear you say my name
when I imagine how again we’ll meet

I don’t want to give my heart
I don’t want to jump in blind
But this could be the start
A romance that’s hard to find

So I will persist
in my attempts to make you smile
I really do insist
this could all be worthwhile
Leilani Apr 2020
Lately I have felt convicted,
about all, which I don’t have to worry.
About all that has others afflicted,
out of work, hungry, and thirsty.

Lately I have felt burdened,
for those that suffer with sickness.
For those whose conditions have worsened,
at their end, only masked faces bear witness.

Lately I have felt culpable,
that I am deemed essential.
That my work is somehow untouchable,
while others’, made to seem incidental.

Lately I have felt completely content,
that I get the opportunity each day,
to relish every single moment,
never again, wish a minute away.

You see, I have come to realize
reasons for why I came to be;
To love others, acknowledge, and empathize,
all of which for others, feels unseen.

But I have also learned something crucial,
a truth I could never before believe.
I need no one else’s approval.
I need not always to achieve.

I am beginning to believe I am worthy.
I am starting to believe I am enough.
Where was I going in such a hurry?
On myself, why was I so rough?

There is nothing stronger than gentleness,
and nothing so gentle as true strength.
To be vulnerable is not a weakness,
to care, converse with others at length.

There is nothing more precious than time,
it is neither here nor there.
We can live either by default or design.
We can choose to take or abundantly share.

For me, I will chose the latter,
no matter how much or how little I possess.
For me, now loving myself matters,
loving others, the ultimate success.
Leilani Apr 2020
Today, your day of birth
so many will celebrate
you make this place called earth
better, with all you demonstrate

You lead a life that’s kind
one giving of love to others
that’s quite difficult to find
many treat people like numbers

You, on the other hand
I could see right off the bat
have a beautiful life planned
spectacular, at that

You live for adventure,
hard work, family, our Creator
these things, impossible to measure
but simply of your nature

Now it may seem untimely
saying hello the day before our goodbye
but I’d say politely
we can’t possibly know why

All I know is you are someone special
I hope you feel that today
you are handsome, gracious, and helpful
and so much more I can’t possibly convey

So what I ask is this
One day may I get the chance
To give you a hug, a kiss
May I have a try at romance

I will just have to wait
Until that day comes to be
Until then I have faith
We make sense, you and me

So today, your day of birth,
I hope it’s not too much to say
How infinite you are worth
Today, and every day.
Leilani Mar 2018
I have no explanation
My mind runs wild
You see, I am quite taken
Something I’ve not felt in a while

So you should very well receive
One more award for what you’ve done
By managing to leave me
Blissful, wanting, in awe - all at once

When you are close in proximity
My mind seems not to race
I am at ease almost instantly
Found in your gentle embrace

Now call me crazy, unsound
Not sure what to make of it myself
But it feels quite profound
To feel known, supported, held

Adventure is all I think
How sweet it might be
To cook, play, drink,
Hike, camp, and sail at sea

You seem patient enough to wait
To let my guardedness taper
After all, to hurt, you can relate
Though I think you may be much braver
Leilani Jan 2018
It’s true what they say

The person that cares least, wields the most power
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