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sixpoetry Mar 14
i fall into you
as if i am a star
being thrown into
a new constellation
and you are my astronomer
telescope in hand
longing to get lost
in the worlds that fill my skies
Hailey G Jun 2017
mumble your way through my mind
and pick apart every memory you come across.
just for now
tell me of the starlight glittering blue and white in the sky.
hold each speck in the palm of your hand
and then let them fall back into the earth
when they shine no longer.
keep me by your side, devout astronomer.
and let your hands
guide me through the sky.
Alexis Hart Jun 2017
the day you appeared
was like nothing else
i mean you’d been there before
we just couldn’t see you.

we called you v161 mon.
for that, i apologize
it wasn’t my choice.

we raised you
the best we knew how,
but you still swallowed
anything that got close

now i’m old
and dying
and you’ll live on
for years.

billions of years

and eventually fade
but even your
death will
take centuries.
Lunar May 2016
but what happens
if the moon
actually discovers
his real other half?

i'm not the half-moon
he's destined to be with.
i'm just an astronomer,
a selenophile,
lost in a love phase.
because i will still love you
even if you vanished
from my sight
and turned into
a new moon.
what if
i'll never meet him
and he'll never feel the same way
wjh, i'm surprised i love you this much.
it's not only to the moon and back,
but around, in and the moon itself
L A Baldos Oct 2015
the eyes of the city stare back
while i stargaze at them—
yellow, orange, and white scattered around.
they only flicker at my eyes' blink.
and the gaze of the city pierces my heart.
right past the wispy fog of its cold embrace,
right past the silent cries of the eerie night,
right past the waning hopes for a better tomorrow.

the city's mountainous terrain is swathed
with haze, as always—a night
suchlike an endless table
where a giant card is lain.
not five of clovers, nor an ace of spades,
not even a King of hearts.
but a thousand diamonds!
one removed from the standard deck,
stashed with the box and the jokers,
where ironically there is no laughter
but judgment.

i stood there from nightfall to daybreak,
trying to read my future,
hoping to find you in it.

— The End —