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sixpoetry Apr 17
the way the sun trips through the open window
and falls into her eyes
how her stare lights fires in my heart
and her touch sends me soaring
you ask me
how the questions of
what she is
what i love about her
are related
well, here is why, my friend
because the answer to both is
simply everything
sixpoetry Mar 14
i fall into you
as if i am a star
being thrown into
a new constellation
and you are my astronomer
telescope in hand
longing to get lost
in the worlds that fill my skies
sixpoetry Mar 14
the most vibrant hues tremble
at the explosions of beauty that blur my sight
when your body is on mine
and i am all at once convinced
that all i need to survive
is your touch
your love
and the stars you throw into the sky
sixpoetry Mar 14
my chest is no longer a chest
but a cage which my deepest of feelings
find themselves trapped
with rugged locks offering the glint of freedom

they swell from deep within
their waves lapping against the iron bars
screaming into the darkness
begging to be heard through their piercing of my silence

but who is around to translate their cries?
who might speak the world’s language
well enough to decipher the mystic codes
in which my soul communicates?

these words will never escape their holding cell
and will never reach the surface
water will forever seep into their lungs
and their cries will become gurgles under the unforgiving pressure of the tides

no matter how far down i swim to their rescue
or countless rings of keys i try
my tortured words will never reach their page
or escape the deadly prison of my mind
sixpoetry Mar 14
it is in that moment i understood
how endless pages might be filled
with the drenched words of a poet
only longing to give eternal life
to the love he will recall
for the rest of his
sixpoetry Mar 12
now, i’m no physicist
but i believe
the powers of gravity
to lay far beyond
the tides of the ocean
and the pulls of the moon

if gravity
in all its mighty magnetism
chooses only to pull the earth
how might one explain
the karmatic lure
that graces our love?

through the roughest of splits
leaving the most jagged of edges
scars ripped through perfection
forever shattered by broken words

despite endless attempts at resolution
and countless finales to our grand tale
we always found our tears
to be recurringly interrupted
by the rustle of curtains being drawn open
for an encore of what was presumed to be lost

who has drawn these continuously?
consistently hoping in the face of doubt
to whom might i extend thanks
for becoming the self-appointed stagehand of our love?

why, it can be none other
than the beloved universe
that intertwined us from formation
expending the very magic used to bind us
to tear away our blindness
and once again
as if on cue
reunite us
sixpoetry Mar 12
i fell for you
as if my soul
was always
destined to
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