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Lucy Houbart Jun 19
Head feels like a liquorice allsort,
One bit from one half gets inside the other -
Cosy in a roll.
It’s feeding on stuff from my brain
Doing somersaults getting fat.
Not going outside
My brain.  Knowing all about the inside instead of
Knowing you.

My brain is getting less scared
No need to find its voice.
Before, it looked like it had grown
Because it had to keep on changing.
But now it can sit,
Hear itself
And takes a new direction
Not outwards accommodating fear.

Sometimes I feel strange in the middle.
Thinking I might break.
Not used to being here.
But it's ok,
My shell is as hard as a walnut and I cradle warm and snug.
Look to the future,
Roll to my tune.
Outside - no need to change.
Inside see me instead of you.
Lucy Houbart Jun 18
Mary Seacole
Black nurse sculpture
Your determination points
To injustice. Your struggle
To serve, be accepted.
Why were you shamed and denied?
This is the broken land where we live.
Your courage, your stride
Takes me to our weakness

To the ache in my chest like a
broken blood vessel.
And trace the lines in my hand
To a bad rotting root.
How many wounds did your hand with compassion soothe?

Behind your certitude
I imagine pain.
Did your hurting
Search out injury and loss?

And as you nursed those violent lacerations,
Patiently waiting whilst the pathway beat its course,
Did you see as if through a veil,
Your own fractured self,
Fusing with your patient’s,
Both your Injuries restore back together
All the way towards their good health?
This poem is inspired by the sculpture by Michael Jennings which is of Mary Seacole which stands outside St Thomas's hospital looking over the river Thames and towards the House of Parliament.
Lucy Houbart Jun 18
And Eyes
drawn again
to the bird
On the clock
Ticking there
On the wall.
And it knows
it can fly
From its perch    
Out of here
From the lockdown.

It links
The outside.  
And points
From its perch
Take a trip
To outside
Out of lockdown.

And eyes
Drawn again
To the bird
On the clock.
To the bird
On the clock
We can fly!

From the clock

— The End —