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When love
Hits you hard
You will be turn into
The Masterpiece
Or a painsmith
This life is
Not enough
Genre: Observational
Theme: Craft
Note: Order N' Chaos
When you hear her name
I could see the color of your eyes changed
I could see your smile faded quickly,
And your laugh were silenced in a second

When you see her
I could still see how you would lost your breath,
I could still see how you would stop holding my hand,
And your body shaken did not know what to do

But I know
I know you have been hurt
I know you were still with her even if you were with me
And in the nights you were hoping for her to call you back

I know
You would walk away from me if she asked you
You would hurt me if she wanted you
I was no one, no one but a temporary shelter

Your body left your mind in her, and who am I to take them away from her
Maybe your physical realm is here, but you are still with her
I was foolish to even try to compete with her, hoping that I would win you
When in fact, there was no competition

*She has won you
Being a re-bounce is not that fun.

— The End —