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When love
Hits you hard
You will be turn into
The Masterpiece
Or a painsmith
This life is
Not enough
Genre: Observational
Theme: Craft
Note: Order N' Chaos
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2018
While crafting living beings
The supreme showed sensibility
placing all the organs
in the utmost level

caged heart
covered brain
highly placed eyes
and, so on

The Perfect
As seen from the close proximity

Supreme might not have 2nd thought,
words can break the heart
memory can weaken the brain
distance can blur the sight

This day
would have been different
If had, once,
that day,
foreseen from the distance.
Genre: Rational
Theme: 2nd thought
D Lowell Wilder Oct 2017
The painting in front of me, walled
eyed. Can’t figure you.  My cousin who
painted chose to demure.  Lidded obscure
behind your spec-

She said - a lifetime ago - that the splotch of orange
peachy dreamed on the tips of your ears, the side of
your nose, the lip top, was sun in the studio
blasting through your flesh.  Simulacrum
blood and shine com-

flat knife
strokes elongate into rounds of skin
caress, provoke this con-
Admire painters who flatten our three dimensions into the surface of a canvas.  Engaging!

— The End —