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Anna Nov 2017
She said,
"I've never loved spending so much time
with someone other than myself."
Anna Oct 2017
I have words that could pour for days.
But will I ever learn to use a semicolon?
Anna Apr 2015
I'm about as certain as I am tall
On how people decipher lovely distractions from lovely investments
I hate to speak on what I don't know
I walk up walls to avoid vomiting words my mind holds
The same ***** will end up being slurred to someone who couldn't care less
The same ***** will end up on my socks if this turns into the kind of night I thought that it would be when I declared, "I see how this night is gonna go" as soon as those shots made it down my throat and I still felt indifferent. Just more blurred.
I never say things are finished because that must mean they're good enough and that just seems wrong to me
We're never strangers after we've met
Just encounters that have lost touch
I hate giving up because that must mean I've given it all I've got
I think that keeps me passing time lately
Instead of spending it.
I hear that incomplete things often end up alone
I should probably consider a good investment sometime.
Anna Jan 2015
I couldn't forget you if I tried
Drunken words and emotional lies
I'll save my heart
And she'll play the fool
Your love isn't real anyway
Anna Jan 2015
Moats and boats and broken bones
Heart attacks and nights alone
These are a few of my favorite things
When you take out the ones I won't mention
And the pipe dreams
Whiskey sours
I've been drunk for about an hour
This isn't a poem
It's a jumble of words
Anna Nov 2014
Because there's nothing else we could ever be with certainty.
Anna Nov 2014
you say  
love never
so much

i say
love never
knew you
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