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Suzy Hazelwood Nov 2016
Say no
to what binds
darling say no
say no to lies
knock them back
lay them stone dead
say yes to life
Suzy Hazelwood Nov 2016
When you are silent
when you are mind hunting
I too shall be silent
and help you hold back the wolves
  Oct 2016 Suzy Hazelwood
Doug Potter
I can not find the letter mother left me four days
before her death. I read it once and then placed

it in a cardboard box like you might a dull
knife or a ******* tin. The letter is

a part me, like Van Gogh’s severed
ear was to him. I want the letter

like love or sight; the way bone
                               needs marrow.
  Oct 2016 Suzy Hazelwood
Sally A Bayan
Upon a huge, lush garden,
on a cold autumn day...
various leaves fall, in sweet surrender...
some still rise and go with the forceful wind
floating...along with dreams, wishes and prayers
murmured in the air...uttered fervently
...from near......or faraway places

papers, leaves, souls, sighs, and whispers
all circulate, dance in the air...blending with nature
like drifters...and seekers, far from their homes
their habitats...their comfort zones,
suspended, in the atmosphere of every season the will of the wind,
...while the wind obeys...the will of God
they, on new destinations
face new dimensions...
friendlier more running, just waiting,
while winds of change settle down
touching new base, new grass,
hoping, for a peaceful existence,
for some....the end of life's turbulent journey
..........on safe...tranquil grounds...

somewhere near, or far...huge gardens exist
where leaves fall, where some rise again,
where new beginnngs, new lives are offered...
havens that welcome and accommodate


Co­pyright August 27, 2016
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
#Not all dry  leaves on our lawn  come from our own trees,
      some are blown, from faraway places...
      the wind is a big net, catching molecules of prayers, wishes,
      bits and pieces of floating objects...
      some people see other places as a haven, compared to theirs...
      they try to flee...some succeed, while others keep trying...there
      are those who just want to finally rest, on peaceful grounds...#
Suzy Hazelwood Oct 2016
you are here again
you drift in and out
my tiresome wilting nightmare

you are the endless haunt
of my darkest nights
the sleeping hours
soaked with raw unease

what was the point
in lusting and loving
piercing the depth of our souls
why bind ourselves
in a luscious nest
if it was waiting to fall

i lie on our barren bed
fragments of who i was
splayed on the floor
waiting for a good day
the strength to gather them all
and rebuild myself

please remove your essence
don't play me with your jangling ghost
break the chains
cast my desire to black
let my eyes
never fall on you again

leave me
in this abandoned home
to live my days in cold blood
close the unwritten chapters
let this haunting end
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