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Doug Potter Mar 2021
They ask have we turned
the corner away from
hell toward sun
& lofty ideals?

I am no judge
open your
eyes &
Doug Potter Feb 2021
Brother, this all you need to know about my life --
I live near a river where hawks **** & coyotes
run past with varments in their jaws
to be eaten-- fur, sinew
& bone.
Doug Potter Feb 2021
She said I need
to pull your
pants off,

lay still or you'll be sorry,
remember last

Maybe I was
three or four
when I ******

the bed;
the next day
mother was gone,

Doug Potter Jan 2019
They gather under
the steeple, beneath
spire and holy cross,

when I run past on
Sunday mornings
especially when

it's sunny with
leaves budding
I think of lifting

the preacher's wife's
dress to her waist,
her eyes glued

to the sky.
Doug Potter Nov 2018
She loved **** early & too often
was her uncle Mike showed
her how doggies do it &

she taught me how
to howl into
the sky

loud enough
to startle

cause them to shiver
from the oaks &

I loved that girl
who left town

a blue Chevy
it was, so

Doug Potter Oct 2017
Hair mottled like
an aged mare

she descends
the steps

one withered leg
dangles from

a  purple dress like
a frost nipped

Doug Potter Oct 2017
I encircled her waist
with my hands and
lifted her, not as
a trophy, but
to  kiss.
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