Doug Potter Nov 19
She loved **** early & too often
was her uncle Mike showed
her how doggies do it &

she taught me how
to howl into
the sky

loud enough
to startle

cause them to shiver
from the oaks &

I loved that girl
who left town

a blue Chevy
it was, so

Doug Potter Oct 2017
Two Greyhound days
final bus
hair mottled

last step down
her deformed
leg like

a frost seized
my sister.
Doug Potter Oct 2017
I encircled her waist
with my hands and
lifted her, not as
a trophy, but
to  kiss.
Doug Potter Jul 2017
Don't jump from
that three story

woman with no
shoes and rag

wait until
it's on
Doug Potter Mar 2017
I am lost again
beyond the hills
where we made love

under the South Dakota
sun in the wide, wide
open as the wheat

lofted toward the bluest
of June skies and we
rolled and rolled

into an indifferent
world forever,
Doug Potter Mar 2017
Hello short darling
I would plow you
like spring earth

but your husband
has only been
dead eight

eight months and I
fear the shiver of
my thighs

would be a cold
cold reminder
of him.
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