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14.3k · May 2019
I blame you.
I blame you.
For the dreams that died.
For the love that i will never have.
For the smile that you took from me.
I wanted to fly far away but you
Burnt my wings keeping me
In the cold darkness.
I blame you for killing me.
I like to take a negative feeling and turn it
Into something good.
We should allow people room to grow and breathe support someone in there dreams
#blame #dreams #darkness #killing
1.9k · May 2019
Living and dying
Is the one thing that is worth dying for
Worth living for?.
1.2k · Feb 2018
the lost girl
I lost the girl.
That was always happy.
Always laughing at everything.
Never stopped dreaming or smiling.
Her eyes never cried at anything.
She was never scared of the mirror.
She was lost in books and writing stories.
The world was always her oyster.
Now I am trying to find the girl I lost.
I wrote this because I lost the person that I use to be and now I am trying to back to the happy person i once was that was never scared of anything
1.0k · Oct 2017
Advice to my younger self
I was asked what would I say to my younger self and the answer was easy.

Enjoy the time you have now because it won't last forever. Laugh at all the little things that is funny. Play everyday and enjoy the warm sun on your face.

Gaze up at the starry night sky and make pictures from the stars. Sleeping under the sliver moon light knowing that you will be safe.

Don't grow up to fast stay as young as you can. Never be scared to say what's on your mind. Listen to your heart that will true to you.

Just don't grow up to soon.
I wore this poem because I have the chance to go back tell my younger self anything it would have been these words I wrote.
1.0k · Apr 2016
a letter to my demons
Dear personal demons
For so many years you took everything from me my joy and my happiness. Everytime I was breaking free you dragged me, back to that dark place. Trying to break me reliving old memories. Using every feeling and emotion on me. Taking the fear and making grow and grow until I cried in terror. Well no more it all ends you won't ever hold me back. Use feelings or fear on me I have one last fight and its all for you. Lets go to the deepest darkest places. Dance on the flames of fire exchange a hit for hit you took my life. Now I want it back when I leave you behind know this I am not scared. A wise man once told me just have a little faith.
I wrote this because of all the problems I have had in my life.
1.0k · May 2018
not a love peom
I tried to see past the lies.
I tried to sweep away the
Broken promises.
I tried to put my broken
Heart back together.
I tried to forget all the
Tears i cried.
I tried to save your black heart
But it was too late.
This is not a love peom.
This is a good bye.
900 · Sep 2019
His missing puzzle piece
They walked hand in hand under the blackberry sky.
He smiled while she sat reading poems to the harvest moon.
He listened as her words softly touched the deepest part of his soul.
Everytime he looked in her eyes he could see his forever live within them.
She was the missing puzzle piece he searched a lifetime for.
I have been working on this one for a while
#blackberrysky #puzzle #piece
745 · Aug 2019
A colourful heart
Squeeze the colours from my heart and I will paint you a beautiful love,
That poets dream of feeling.
#paint #heart #colours
742 · Aug 2019
Two different forevers
I realise that my forever and your
Forever is not the same
This was something that i had learn just recently that your forever isnt always the same as someone else idea of forever
667 · Apr 2016
now i lay me down
Now I lay me down to sleep with thoughts of you in my head, to keep me from loneliness. In the deepest part of my dreams I will hear your voice echo, across the mountains, and dancing upon the waves of the sea.

If I could stay in this moment with you I would do it if I could, stop time I would do it. If I could fly away with you I would, do it never looking back. My heart and soul belongs only to you.

These eyes of mine see no one other than you I would give you, the sun the moon and the stars. Body and souls belongs to only you. Now I lay me down to sleep in sadness but in happiness.
617 · Apr 2019
Beautiful scars
I opened up to you I showed
You my beautiful scars.
All you did was add another one
#scars # beautiful
599 · Jun 2019
Steal my breath catch me off guard.
Pull me close hold me tight.
Live after midnight.
Touch the deepest part of my heart.
Take me to the brink of ecstasy.
Leave me breathless.
#breathless #catch #tight #midnight #heart
563 · Sep 2018
Don't be scared
Don't be scared of failure
It's there to teach you
Not hurt you so embrace it.
I think that in the times we are living in we see failure as a bad thing but I feel we shouldn't because it helps us to learn get better and get to where we want to be
540 · Aug 2019
All the things she could do
Most of the time she could carry
The world on her shoulders,
With a smile on her face.
Then there was that one day where
She was battling demons.
Fighting storms trying to keep everything together.
But she always came out the other side
Stronger than before.
#most #time #always #other
537 · Apr 2019
Loves lesson
We fall in love,
Only to learn how to
Let go.
536 · Jun 2019
I stopped long ago
Normal I am not broken I am.
The pills don't work they never do.
A mind that is dull and numb.
Can't feel can't think.
Words that are never heard.
I stopped crying long ago.
#pills #stopped #crying
527 · Jul 2019
The reason why i write
My doctors asked if you don't write
Poems for them to be liked, and
Loved why do you do it?.
I write because it is better than popping pills, that will become invisible handcuff.
I can write the pain away and bury
Feelings in lines of poems.
Not everything i write is good maybe its stuff no one wants to read.
But if one person sees my poems and believe, theres a better tomorrow then
I helped someone.
A pen paper and words can heal more
Than what pills can heal.
This poem came from a conversation i had with my therapist, and talked about the
Power of writing ans poetry.
503 · Nov 2017
a forgotten dream
A howling wind.
Rain drops falling.
Heavy eyes.
Dreaming a dream.
I won't remember.
499 · Jun 2019
The things never miss
They never notice my tears
Or my sadness.
My words are never heard.
But they always notices my mistakes
#mistakes #tears #sandess
474 · Oct 2017
love burns
Don't need to hide it.
No need to faking it.
You don't love me like I love you.
No feeling no heart no soul.
The light we shared has turn to darkness.
Colder than ice we are drifting apart.
Choosing to let you go and save my dying heart.
I don't miss the fun we had.
Can't live in a lie.
I am free and i learned love can burn any heart.
I just wanted to show that sometime love can burn and things can change with out warning
Step into my heart and you
Will see all the things,
That you don't see
#step #heart #lovepoem
459 · Aug 2019
The things you do
My dreams are no longer my own
Because your always in them.
The more i try to forget about you the
More my heart calls for you.
Carried out on a wave emotions that leave me breathless.
You make me feel things there's no
Words for.
#dreams #longer #emotions
455 · Oct 2017
Colder than the December snow a soul carved from stone. A heart grown cold sold out and betrayed everyone I ever loved.I have become a slave to the Judas in my mind.
452 · Jun 2019
Around my feet lay the ashes of the
Person I once was.
It made me smile because They said
I would never rise from the fire.
Never listen to people who only want to hurt you.
#fire #smile #feet
438 · Oct 2018
Fake smiles
It's scary what a smile can hide.
You can fake a smile.
But you can't fake your feelings.
Me and the moon have late night conversations.
Reminiscing and swapping stories.
He tells me about his love for the stars and i show him, pieces of my broken
430 · Nov 2018
The things I know
I am not enough
I know that.
So instead of keeping me
Let me go.
It hurts to be halved loved.
424 · Aug 2019
Daydreaming poet
I am a poet who has known
Pain joy and sorrow.
Cried many times tried to write
The pain away.
My hand is always in the clouds
Escaping into daydreams.
Because it's the only place that i ever
Seem to be happy.
But we can't live in dreams so i write
Poetry instead.
410 · Apr 2019
The darkness inside
I am trying hard to fight
The darkness inside.
Because I can't keep feeling like this
Anymore it's killing me.
410 · Aug 2019
Call me a dreamer
I know that my head is full of dreams
And i get lost in my own world.
But there i am happy.
I can't spend all my days living in a black And white world.
Never smiling being serous all the
Time hiding who i am.
I love to get lost in dreams and be in a
World of own.
I love being a poet and if that makes
Me a dreamer then call me a
Not everything i write is good
I write for myself.
My poems come from heartache
Pain and sorrow.
Most of my time is spent trying
To keep everything together.
Poetry is my mediation and my
Freedom rolled in one.
When i start to write everything feels
Less painful.
Writing to some people is more  
than just therapy.
I went to see my therapist in our group she
Asked me to explain when i writing how it feels to write
#when #not #everything
401 · Jan 2021
Angry Saturday
He watches the news for hours.
She watches videos that says this
Virus is not real its a hoax.
They never can explain why the
Death count keeps on rising.
Instead they blame politicians
And Bill Gates.
She believes the vaccine has a
Chip in it while he says  its made
From dead babies.
Angry when say its not real once
My response is.
Tell that to everyone who has lost
Someone that this is not real.
Tell those front line hero's this
Is not real.
Telling them both to share no
More narrow minded views with me
Because this is very real.
I wrote this today after listening to my brother and sister arguing over the lock downs and pandemic being real and it really got me the so call facts they where throwing at each other it was really annoying to hear their views on it to me this very real and people are dying from it
400 · Oct 2018
Broken wings
Broken hearts can be Mended.
Broke s life's can be rebuilt
Piece by piece.
Broken wings can be Mended and
They will take flight again.
Even bad things happen and they change your life you can rebuild and start again even broken things can always be fixed
397 · May 2018
i write
I write to forget the past.
I write to release the pain.
I write to remember old memories.
My words may not be perfect and polished.
But I still write what my fragile heart speaks.
This is about how we all write and share our work and how we write to cope with different things for me poetry is a way to express my self poetry is a powerful tool.
378 · Feb 2018
the road to recovery
Recovery has no time line.
It's not done in a day or a week.
The road is long hard and lonely.
Taken the chance to be happy again.
Looking for the light in the dark.
If I ever end up on the dark side again.
Will you sit there with me?.
I wrote this because sometimes when your on the road to recovery some people don't always understand how hard it is. Suffering with an anxiety disorder I sometimes feel alone
369 · Aug 2018
not waving
Some days I feel everything.
Other days I feel so empty inside.
Counting all the fakes smiles.
Watching the fake kindness on show.
There's always two sides to one story.
The truth will always be twisted.
Plant the seed of doubt and watch it grow.
Surrounded by people who love being negative.
While all the time I wasn't waving I was drowning.
I wrote this because sometimes I feel so much it gets overwhelming
363 · Aug 2019
A million feelings
You make me feel everything
All at once.
I have been spending alot of time with someone he makes me feel everything all at once i am not sure if it is a good thing or not
356 · Jun 2018
the things that won't last
We are born we learn.
We get married maybe it
Will last maybe it won't last.

We will cry more than once.
The one's we love will die.
You'll try to keep everyone
Happy but you'll fail.

Not everyday will be bad.
Not everyday will be happy.
The sun won't always shine.
Nothing lasts forever.
354 · Nov 2017
fake news
Read me a fairy tale.
Fake news.
Show me a magazine
Fake news.

Us against them.
Race wars reborn.
Rich vs poor.
The same tiered lying stories
The news says we would love to hear from you.

While the magazines tells me I am not a princess and I no model either. Page upon page of your not good enough.

I never knew the brain dead would rise killing free thought. So I burnt the magazines and turned off the news.
I wrote this because between thr fake news and magazines they do so much damage to people. Some people dont see just how bad things are and how dangerous fake news can be
351 · Jul 2020
A message to men.
Men have always been taught
They need to be strong.
That real men don't cry society
Made them suffer in silence.

Men suffer twice as hard as women
Do, they feel that need to be strong
For us.
Isn't time to change that damaging message?.

Shouldn't we teach young minds that
It's okay to cry and not be okay?.
Shouldn't we say to men hey its okay
Not to be strong and share your feelings.

Men have feelings to even if they
Hide it and won't agree.
I wrote because at the moment my brother is going through that family courts and we offen forget men hurt like we do I feel things need to change and we need to say hey ots okay to open up
343 · Aug 2019
My heart in a jar
I lay awake staring at moon counting
Stars until i fall asleep.
Tears in my eyes why did i let you in
When you were never mine to love.
Your touch your gentle kiss the way you stole my breathe.
I can't sleep in a bed thats burning feeling things i have no right to feel.
Craving the sound of crys cutting through the darkness of night.
You left with my heart in your jar.
I was listening to some classical music and this poem came to me
337 · Jun 2018
an angry heart
A wave of anger washes over me.
My heart beats so fast I am sure,
It will break my ribs.

My mind moves so fast my lungs,
Can't keep up.

I long to out an angry scream.
I feel it building and building.
Hitting a punching bag until
My knuckles are red and raw.

Anger lives in a moment and dies.
327 · Nov 2017
the real reality
Blind to families going hungry children living in poverty. Homeless people sleeping in door ways and boxes. Food banks under pressure running out of food.

Teenage minds blown on drink and drugs life's ruin before they are lived.  Poisonous headlines stirring up a frenzy of hate and nastiness. When the truth is told and its not liked its called fake news.

It's us against them taking from the poor but never the rich. People working for wages that won't cover the bills. Lying news channels never report the real reality.

The brain dead believe everything questioning nothing. It's only true when the news channel tells you it is. We are living in sad and dangerous times.
I wrote this because for me the news channels will tell you anything and be happy to tell you anything but the truth. People always seem to believe it with out thinking about it.
324 · Oct 2017
a better tomorrow
Going through the back the streets of my mind lost in old memories. Laying a painful past to rest Forgetting every cruel word ever said. Crying no more tears moving on not looking back.

Time to live grow and heal replacing sadness with happiness. Killing doubt before it kills me Allowing old wounds, to heal mending my heart piece by piece.

Stepping out of the darkness and into the light . Waking up ready to open my eyes hope is reborn. Listening to my heart knowing there will always be a better tomorrow.
314 · Apr 2019
The mirror
I haven't done much healing
Looking in the mirror,
I don't know the person who is
Looking back at me.
311 · Aug 2019
The sleeping devil
You Sell me dreams and tell me sweet little lies.
Pulling me in and pushing me out playing with My heart like it is a toy.
The truth is you will never give me what I need
This is nothing but a game to you.
I am just a toy you love to pick up and put down when something better comes along.
I always wondered if there was a devil incarante but I know that there is.
Because he is sleeping in my bed.
I used a writing prompt from an amazing poetry group that I am part of.
#devil #toy #playing #better
308 · Apr 2016
playing with fire
Our eyes met we exchange smiles you give me that flirty look. Our bodies entwine we move to the music heart to heart until the music ends.

We slip away when no one notices laughing as if we were teenagers again.Standing under the sliver moon light of the night time stands still.

Caught up in a lust filled moment one kiss changed everything. Secret meeting at midnight away from prying eyes and gossiping people.

Our moan's and groans cut through the clear starry night sky. Every rule broken each line crossed gone beyond the point of no return.

Forbidden fruit always tastes sweet one bite is never going to be enough. I maybe playing with fire but what is life with out a little risk.
308 · Dec 2018
We are too busy.
Pointing fingers.
Judging people.
Acting selfish.
Being fake.
Wondering why life is so hard
Never trying anything.
Your looking answers.
But your finding nothing.
You are not clueless.
Your just not listening
To yourself.
306 · Apr 2019
Let me sleep
I am trying to write the pain
Away that keeps me awake.
I just want to sleep.
294 · Jun 2018
the lost master piece
A beloved building turn to ashes.
Priceless artworks swallowed by fire.
Everything lost nothing saved.

Only a burn empty shell remains.
Lost for words nothing left to say.

Wondering what will happen next?.
Wondering if it can be saved.
Not holding my breath.
I wrote this for the Glasgow school of art so heart breaking that has been turn to ashes
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