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Jun 2020
It's easy to forget.
It's easy to over look mens feelings.
Watching while they pretend to be strong.
Forgetting that they suffer just as much as
A woman does.
Women talk men hide their feelings
Because they have to be strong.
Hiding their pain.
Trying to keep everything together.
A smile to hide the weakness.
Taught to just bottle it up and keep
Going suffering in silence.
But your not weak.
Your strong it takes a lot show your pain.
We need to show men that its okay to cry
And you don't always have to be strong.
We all need someone to walk with us
And show the way, and men are no different.
Sometimes saying hi how are you can change
Someone's day.
We need show men it's okay to feel pain and it's okay to fall part.
We need to teach young boys and girls
That you can be strong and weak.
We need to teach them that asking for help
Is not a bad thing.
So to all men that on a journey and trying to
Find their way back to being them self's again.
Your not weak and you find the light in the darkness just hold on tight.
I wrote this because the way society is men have been taught to be strong and showing any emotion is weak I was inspired by friend who open up about his feelings I felt so bad that he felt that

#darkness #home #forgetting
Written by
stephanie burrows  F
     ---, ---, Cloudydaze, BLT and Carlo C Gomez
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