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For 11 mintues there was silence.
No twitter rants no name calling tweets.
No fake nothing.
For 11 mintues the world was safe from trump tweets.
Wishing I could see the look on his face.
The world was free for 11 mintues.
I wrote this because I saw the funny said to trump twitted account being deleted someone had the right Idea
It's 3:00am and I am still up writing
Poems about you.
Why are you growing on me now?
I can't get you out of my head.
Is it your icy blue eyes could it be
Your well tone masculine body?.
The way you keep it *******.
The way you give me a quick glance
And flash a smile at me.
My emotions are so confused and mixed up.
Shattered dreams lies told broken heart.

Promised heaven and got put through hell.

You gave love more than a bad name
I wrote this while listening to the song you gave a bad name
It started with a kiss.
Watching beautiful sunsets.
Candle lit dinners for two.

Making plans sharing dreams.
Making love by candle light.
Something changed inside him.

Its me not you excuse came.
He open the door.
I didn't stand in his way.
A broken mind can still be a
Beautiful mind.
My intention with this poem was to show that a person with a mental illness can still do beautiful things I have a mental health problem myself I hope this doesn't upset anyone
#beautiful #mind #mentalhealth
Going through the back the streets of my mind lost in old memories. Laying a painful past to rest Forgetting every cruel word ever said. Crying no more tears moving on not looking back.

Time to live grow and heal replacing sadness with happiness. Killing doubt before it kills me Allowing old wounds, to heal mending my heart piece by piece.

Stepping out of the darkness and into the light . Waking up ready to open my eyes hope is reborn. Listening to my heart knowing there will always be a better tomorrow.
My dreams that full of colour
In a place of happiness.
Feeling no sadness.
Then my eyes open and it's back
To the same black and white
World I know so well.
I have my good days and bad day sometimes all you can do is take the good with the bad
Is it sad that I was born into my
Trap and I don't mind it anymore.
#trapped #born
I knew that he would be a trouble that
Would break my heart.
Taking me to dark places in me that I
Didn't know exist.

I knew that one taste of his venomous lips would be something I'd regret.
But it never stopped me longing for just one taste of a poison kiss.

I knew the longer I stare into his eyes the more lost I would become.
He was a broken beauty that drew me
Into his wicked game.

Writing poem after poem in the hope he read them and say something.
Passing glances feeling angry at myself for allow him in.

I hate myself for loving him and tasting the forbidden fruit I should have just left well alone.
This is just some new poetry I am trying
Out would love some feed back
The moment I fell in love with you
I broke my own heart
#broke #heart #sadpoem
Squeeze the colours from my heart and I will paint you a beautiful love,
That poets dream of feeling.
#paint #heart #colours
I am tierd of how confused my heart is everytime we talk.
Crying in the night wondering if i am
Losing my mind over you.
Can't you see how much it is killing
Me inside does it even matter to you?.
Laying on a tear soak pillow looking
At your name wondering, if should
Just press the delete buttom on you.
Yes my heart will break.
But your killing me everyday.
This has come from a personal experience in todays world with social media we can never be sure who we are talking to and you can get burned
If I am honest....
I don't want tomorrow to come.
Because i know it will be full of
The suffocating people.

Who never listen to me.
Rubbing on anothet fake smile.
Wondering if God listens to
My cry for help.

Theres days where that I don't
Want to wake up.
Wishing I could stay in a dream.
Where I am happy and free.

Confessing my sins.
Preying for a way out.
Feeling as if there is no
Way out.

Spilling my heart onto empty
Lines trying to ease the pain.
Looking for a get out of jail
Free card.

Close to giving up because
Everytime I find happiness I lose it.
Everytime I find hope it fades.
Now I no longer know what to do.

Tonight I will prey once again.
In the hope he hears my cry for help.
I am in a bit of a dark place in my head at the moment and it's feels lik poetry is the only way to set myself free of the pain
Help me
To understand why
so many lies are told.
Promises made but
Never kept.
Tears caused by you
Pain in a fragile heart
You put there.
Another meaningless
Sorry said.
I never could find
Any good in you,
Because your as dark
As your soul.
This is about how you can try to find the goodness in some people. But the truth is you might not always find what your looking for.
He looked me in the eyes and said
My only fault, was i created a lie
That you believed.
In that moment something died
In the deepest part of my heart.
Dreams are my play ground where i
Am far from a cold reality.
Until morning comes.
#dreams #reality #playground
I was asked what would I say to my younger self and the answer was easy.

Enjoy the time you have now because it won't last forever. Laugh at all the little things that is funny. Play everyday and enjoy the warm sun on your face.

Gaze up at the starry night sky and make pictures from the stars. Sleeping under the sliver moon light knowing that you will be safe.

Don't grow up to fast stay as young as you can. Never be scared to say what's on your mind. Listen to your heart that will true to you.

Just don't grow up to soon.
I wore this poem because I have the chance to go back tell my younger self anything it would have been these words I wrote.
The fire is dying and i no
Longer know the face in mirror.
Drained and exhausted batteries its
Day three and i feel nothing.
I am hopeless in love with a memory
Of how you use to make me
#hopeless #smile #memory
She was dreaming,
Of that time they sat and watched the
Fire slowly die.
Dancing in the warm summer rain
Feeling as if time had stopped.
How they  would always slip into the darkness of the night.
Escaping from all the watching eyes
Longing to feel his touch.
Laying naked in his arms skin to skin
Wishing they could stay together.
Knowing that the one thing they wanted could never be.
She died everyone he said goodbye.
#forbidden #love #naked
A howling wind.
Rain drops falling.
Heavy eyes.
Dreaming a dream.
I won't remember.
Once you saw nothing but me
Now you look through me,
As if i was a ghost.
I now understand that some people are sent to teach us lessons
A long deep kiss.
He tastes every word and licks each
Thought that lives in her mind
There's a darkness inside me
That he likes to swim in the power intoxicates her
Dipping her fingers into his soul watching his throat swallow each soft moan
He was what her body craved and she was the fire he wanted burnt by
#fire #desire #burnt #power
My heart healed
When I learn to love and
Not hate.
In a bowl add

One tablespoon of promises made but never kept.
Two tablespoons of lies.
Five tablespoons tears
Ten tablespoons of emotional pain.

a recipe for breaking hearts
I got inspired when I when I was written down a recipe and this poem came to me
The rain falls covering my tears.
Deep wounds that can't heal.
Another knife sharpen ready to use.
Another scar added.

Picking up pieces of a broken heart.
Paranoid thoughts take over.
Drowning in a sea of mixed emotions.
Not sure who to trust.

Burying the pain in lines of poems.
Saying nothing to anyone.
What they don't know can't hurt them.
But it's hurting you.

If you where picked and loved.
Only to be left and lied to.
Wouldn't you grow thorns to?.
Does goodbye mean letting go?
Does letting go mean forever?.
Because either way a heart breaks.
A silent misery sitting in a golden cage.
Watching the day's passing by
My heart feels like an over flowing astray
Listening to another dead man's tale
Dreaming of the moment where I can
Get on that highway to tomorrow
Leaving this day behind.
These where from some writing prompts I have been using
Do you think I wanted to be
This broken?.
Spend everyday fighting the same
Tried old battle.

Trying to keep myself away from
That dark place in my mind.
Trying to keep the smile on my lips.
Trying to being strong.

I can't sugar Coat my feelings
So you don't need to deal with it.
Come sit in the darkness of my mind with me but I know you won't.

I never wanted attention I just
Wanted you to hug me.
#broken #never #wanted #hug
I don't think of you often
But when I do.
My heart break all over again
And a poem is born.
On a journey with no destination.
Healing wounds.
Mending shattered hearts piece by piece.
Much needed answers found.
Killing doubt.
Burying the past.
Boxing up haunted memories.
For giving mistakes made.
Living again.
Chasing rainbows.
Touching stars in the night sky.
Catching dreams.
Not broken but whole again.
All round me are unreal fake selfish faces who hide behind masks.
Carrying knifes made from envy and
Nice to your face while sticking it into deep into your back.
Knifes should be used for cutting up food not for sticking in someone's back.
#kinfes #food #jealously
A starless sky wrapped in an empty dream.
I remember the days where your smile was like a fine wine I loved.
Now it's left a bad taste in my mouth.
In my heart hangs a votive wreaths
Of old withered memories.
Your voice no longer shakes the
Ocean of my sleep.
You where a lesson this comic universe wanted to teach me.
Now all I want to do is forget I ever
Loved you.
#learn #lesson #forget
Dear personal demons
For so many years you took everything from me my joy and my happiness. Everytime I was breaking free you dragged me, back to that dark place. Trying to break me reliving old memories. Using every feeling and emotion on me. Taking the fear and making grow and grow until I cried in terror. Well no more it all ends you won't ever hold me back. Use feelings or fear on me I have one last fight and its all for you. Lets go to the deepest darkest places. Dance on the flames of fire exchange a hit for hit you took my life. Now I want it back when I leave you behind know this I am not scared. A wise man once told me just have a little faith.
I wrote this because of all the problems I have had in my life.
Dear heart...
Did you really need to choose him?. Why flood my mind, with thoughts of him.
Dreams of being wrapped in his arms falling asleep, to the sound of his beating heart.
Why did you show me a look that would rekindle a love, that  Should have Staid sleeping.
#why #sleep #rekindle
To forget the love that stole my heart and the voice that made my spine tingle.

the way he made me feel the memories we made his soft touch that made my knees shakes.

It took a moment to love him to need him and to miss him. It will take a life time to forget.
I wrote this because there's always that one person that comes into your life and changed everything. In the end it feels like a life time to get over them
Your the little face who is always
Happy to see me.
The little one who wants a hug.
Who's laugh brightens up
A bad day.
I never I knew I could love anyone
This much.
#little #face #happy #brighten
Every time a problem comes you want to run. It doesn't matter what anyone else wants. To selfish to stop and think about other people.

Starting things that can't be finished that just you. I should have never gave you an other chance. Yet here we are you wanting to run again.

You can't alway run when things don't go the way you want it to. Not everything is about you.

But it always ends this way everything is about you.
I have been trying for hours to think of what to say or how to make this right. Remembering everything That you said and did. Searching really hard to find That one good thing you did, but I can't find it.

All I found was promise made be never kept lies told to anyone,who would listen. You sat back and watched everyone fight. Tears fell hearts ended up shattered I was left, to pick up the broken piece of peoples lifes.

I can't forgive you for the drugs you took the money that you stole. The threat's you made the knife you held against my throat. All I ask is that you forget That I was ever born and, let me live a happy life.
I wrote this poem for my sister who I tried to make things right with but I couldn't  do it
My work is my own and it maybe
Always be good.
Hello poetry was a happy to go.
Now I am not so sure I want
To post anymore.
I have never been dishonest in any way with any of my followers or reads it makes me sick that people can't just let people be you don't like something you that fine but why be so nasty about it I am not so sure if I will post or stay
I have known grief and pain.
Been down many times.
Cried in the darkness of the night.
Watched lairs spin their Web.
Nothing really lasts forever does it?.
My little sister says love never dies
But I don't know if that is true.
Scattered lines and thoughts have now
Become a poem.
My mind has been taken over by the
Faces I can't see anymore.
#grief #faces #love #dies
I make mistakes.
I laugh when I shouldn't.
Say stupid things then take it
All back.
No all my choices will be right.
I will fall many times.
I don't have all the answers.
I am not perfect.
But beauty can be found in the
Imperfect things.
That's what makes me real.
I wrote this because we are trying to be the best person that we can be.
Beauty doesn't come in a shape or size you don't need to be perfect beauty can be found in Imperfect things
For me theres no such thing as a perfect person love yourself because your one of kind

#imperfect #beauty #real
Most of the time she could carry
The world on her shoulders,
With a smile on her face.
Then there was that one day where
She was battling demons.
Fighting storms trying to keep everything together.
But she always came out the other side
Stronger than before.
#most #time #always #other
Step into my heart and you
Will see all the things,
That you don't see
#step #heart #lovepoem
A cozy bed I don't want to leave.
Enjoying the last half an hour of peace.

Before the message come flooding In
Already wanting the day to be over.

Watching as the clock ticks feeling as if each tick gets louder.

Why can't I just stay in this cozy bed
Wrapped up in his arms.

But no that kind of peace never does last.
Be strong.
Be bold.
Always believe.
Never give up.
Always Say never...
To the person who says
Don't follow your dreams.

Always say never...
To the one's who try
To change who you are.

Always say never...
To the people who try
To silence you.

Always say never...
To the heart breakers back stabbers
And the story tellers.

They only want to cut you down.
This poem idea came from a comment that I got in a poem which gave me the idea for this one
There's always something

Behind the I am
only joking

Knowledge behind the
The I don't know

Emotions behind the
I don't care

And pain behind the I am okay
I wrote this because sometimes you just have to look beyond the smile and you will see the truth
It's easy to forget.
It's easy to over look mens feelings.
Watching while they pretend to be strong.
Forgetting that they suffer just as much as
A woman does.
Women talk men hide their feelings
Because they have to be strong.
Hiding their pain.
Trying to keep everything together.
A smile to hide the weakness.
Taught to just bottle it up and keep
Going suffering in silence.
But your not weak.
Your strong it takes a lot show your pain.
We need to show men that its okay to cry
And you don't always have to be strong.
We all need someone to walk with us
And show the way, and men are no different.
Sometimes saying hi how are you can change
Someone's day.
We need show men it's okay to feel pain and it's okay to fall part.
We need to teach young boys and girls
That you can be strong and weak.
We need to teach them that asking for help
Is not a bad thing.
So to all men that on a journey and trying to
Find their way back to being them self's again.
Your not weak and you find the light in the darkness just hold on tight.
I wrote this because the way society is men have been taught to be strong and showing any emotion is weak I was inspired by friend who open up about his feelings I felt so bad that he felt that

#darkness #home #forgetting
Men have always been taught
They need to be strong.
That real men don't cry society
Made them suffer in silence.

Men suffer twice as hard as women
Do, they feel that need to be strong
For us.
Isn't time to change that damaging message?.

Shouldn't we teach young minds that
It's okay to cry and not be okay?.
Shouldn't we say to men hey its okay
Not to be strong and share your feelings.

Men have feelings to even if they
Hide it and won't agree.
I wrote because at the moment my brother is going through that family courts and we offen forget men hurt like we do I feel things need to change and we need to say hey ots okay to open up
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