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Jan 2021
He watches the news for hours.
She watches videos that says this
Virus is not real its a hoax.
They never can explain why the
Death count keeps on rising.
Instead they blame politicians
And Bill Gates.
She believes the vaccine has a
Chip in it while he says  its made
From dead babies.
Angry when say its not real once
My response is.
Tell that to everyone who has lost
Someone that this is not real.
Tell those front line hero's this
Is not real.
Telling them both to share no
More narrow minded views with me
Because this is very real.
I wrote this today after listening to my brother and sister arguing over the lock downs and pandemic being real and it really got me the so call facts they where throwing at each other it was really annoying to hear their views on it to me this very real and people are dying from it
Written by
stephanie burrows  F
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