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 Jan 2020 StaticNSage
Regular, local.
The faces in the diners;
A pair of lovers.
 Jan 2020 StaticNSage
souls’ tendrils connect
as tree roots converse ‘neath soil
soundless engagement
 Jan 2020 StaticNSage
Amber K
Sew my mouth shut,
so the words don't come out.
The last thing I want,
is for you to be stressed out.

I will keep my pain inside,
just so you can breathe.
Even if all it does,
is suffocate me.
I wrote this in 2016. I've since learned to be better about opening up to at least one person, but it can really be hard when you're use to locking yourself up in your own mind so you don't hurt or upset anyone else.
 Feb 2018 StaticNSage
Téa Rhyno
I used to like a lot of things
But now the magic’s gone,
So here’s a list of things I hate
Sorry if I ramble on…

I hate the way my voice sounds
When I’m talking to my "friends"

I hate the long and lonely nights
They never seem to end

I hate the sunlight in my eyes
The tears steadily fall

I hate the people in this house
My Mom, my Dad, I hate them all

I hate the way my body looks
I hate the fat and curves

I hate the way my brain functions
I’m always on my own nerves

I hate that I’m forced to write
Just to keep my memory

I hate the people I cry over
When they were happy leaving me

I hate that I rely on drugs
To keep me in a decent mood

I hate that my body physically rejects
all attempts at eating food

I hate that I'm always sorry
For things that aren’t my fault

I hate the thoughts my brain creates
I can’t deal with the assault

I hate all of the little things
Hanging on my shelf

But the one thing that I hate the most
Is how much I hate myself
I can see something on the horizon.
What it is I cannot tell.
I am moving towards it even though my legs do not move.
Where has everyone gone?
Have they left me?
Looking behind me I seem them all waving
It is dark.
It is cold.
I am scared.
I am now alone
Walking through the dark
I know what I saw.
This is tomorrow
 Feb 2018 StaticNSage
'Yes life is a hell
But don't worry my dear
I am here to hear u 'said HP

' Thanks but I don't want to pour out everything as this may disturb someone's positivity ' I replied

' Do you think so ? ' HP asked

' Mm ... But I am wrong I think because more than repost I got comments which tells that we are here for you ' I murmured.

' so I think , now you  got my point !' Said HP with a smile

' ya HP I got u !! ' replied with a heartly smile..
Just a unique thought
And in a unique way

Though I am not k
I am writing positively
Great credit goes to my friend Samiyanadha !
 Feb 2018 StaticNSage
Are you even real,
I moan as I caress the ghost beside me
Before I drown in the loneliness of my sheets
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