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Bleu Jul 2020
Four years ago I fell deeply in love with a song
Its sweet tune played for me for a bit over a year
Old fashioned and raw, but it did not quite last that long
It was a charming love song that I simply held dear

I paid no attention to its artist or title
All I knew was that the song was written just for me
It was not rusty like all those records on vinyl
This song was exciting and it was my cup of tea

My heart danced with it just as my body danced to it
Until one day it stopped playing like all other songs
It became another broken record that just quit
And I stared at my ceiling and wondered what went wrong

But the other day my old song suddenly came on
It was the first time that I had heard it in four years
I did not forget it like it was forever gone
Why, it’s just a song but to my heart it’d grown too near

Four years ago I fell deeply in love with you
And I again fell deeply in love with my song
You were but the sweet tune that was long overdue
So I stared at my ceiling and just sang along
Bleu Jul 2020
Dear God, if you are as powerful as people say
My friend is weeping on this very fateful morning
Please use your might to help me take his pain away
As I’ve failed to offer sympathy to his mourning

If you are as merciful as my mother tells me
He is shedding silent tears in this moment of grief
Please place your two gentle hands on his shaking knees
So I don’t look at you with doubt and question my belief

If you are as faithful as those who pray to you
He is fighting his paralysed body from the hurt
Please give your strength to him and your protection too
And I’ll dig up all my sins buried underneath the dirt

If you are as helpful as they believe you to be
He is freezing from the shivers and aches in his face
Please show your light and alleviate his agony
For I’m willing to take each suffering in his place

Dear God, if you are any of the things you swore
Please only be a prayer away and not more
Bleu Nov 2019
I laid with you, naked as the day I was born
We had just made delicate love between the sheets
A small blanket covered our skin to keep us warm
You soft and sweet gasp told me I met all your needs

We slept together for the first time in perfect peace
My back against your chest, our movements in sync
We slowed down and we sped up, but we did not cease
Then I said to you, let’s try it on the bathroom sink

I laid with you, naked as the day I was born
You whispered I love you as the sky outside formed
Bleu Oct 2019
Apple Smirnoff and a half-smoked cigarette
These memories of you that I can’t forget

The magical drugs that will erase my pain
Are more efforts that will only end in vain

My mind is flooded with things we used to do
To kiss, to touch, and to fall in love with you

Time slowly ticks my life away like a game
But you see, my mind will still echo your name

All night I yearn for your lingering presence
Since I can never give in to acceptance

My ***** and cigarette say you’ll come back
Tonight that thought alone will cut me some slack
Bleu Oct 2019
Lucky Strike Cigarettes
Packed inside a precious box
Tucked into the pocket
Of your old faded jeans

People say that it’s a sin
They say you’re sinful
But you smell like dark alleys
And it’s attractive

Lucky Strike Cigarettes
One dangling from your teeth
And burning right down
To the slaty grey ash

People say that it’s foolish
They say you’re a fool
But you smell like drunken nights
And it’s luscious

Lucky Strike Cigarettes
Nineteen more within your grasp
You simply light another
And inhale and puff

People say that it’s lethal
They say you’re lethal
But you smell like motel rooms
And it’s heavenly

Lucky Strike Cigarettes
I’m in love with a smoker
You reek of tobacco and ash
And I can’t help but be addicted
Bleu Mar 2019
I sat there like a lost sheep
Holding a beer mug in my hand
Occupied with affairs of tomorrow
Trying to drink today away
All the same, indulging in yesterday

Mad at the shenanigans of the bar
Whilst sipping on cheap lager beer
Lost in my vague thoughts
I didn’t notice you approach
Hardly heard you say anything

Your eyes and lips
So dark - so red
Three Tuborgs deep and
We’re sharing our nostalgia
Talking about things we’ve long forgot

But you told me liked the silence
Said it was like comfort to you
And I just thought I’d get into it too
Clinging on to the thoughts of affection
In the mahogany woods of your brown eyes

I see us running throughout the night
Lost but eyes fixated on each other
Silence has never been more deafening
Burning at the desires of
This encounter never coming to an end
Bleu Mar 2019
I grew a little white daisy
In between my palms
Simple and solitary
But they gave it a glance
And decided it was too bland

I grew a little white daisy
In between my palms
Delicate and humble
But they looked dismissive
And very much offended

I grew a little white daisy
In between my palms
Unembellished and exquisite
But they thought it needed
Mending and perfecting

I grew a little white daisy
In between my palms
They asked me where
The bright splendid colours were
And why it did not have
Any sweet fragrance at all

I grew a little white daisy
In between my palms
They wanted to see
Only the famous crimson red rose
But I thought my daisy
Was beautiful the way it was
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