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StaticNSage May 2019
We’ve been receiving sentences of less than sentiment with clear confidence
Brutalized potential, children’s stories ***** in the age when dreaming is essential
The pawns glued
Chess moves and interrogation tables
Neglecting golden rules through platinum tooth
Lies or rhyme fables
To our sects to our roles but the fact is it’s all mute
We all sweat the belly ache for the food
When we get it
We full
Full bellies always embellish ****
Lick two for the proof, we seen dark days
So no aim straight up out the sun roof
Be it hardtop elements mentioned it
Ink for remembrance, predicaments resemble its
City wide
Past on a painting
Old jacks here know
Paint runs like a ***** when it’s brand new
It’s vastly over sold and boldly entertaining
The game speaks
Separation is dead ended for presidents
That same dialect sounding ignorant in conversations
Only folded to rubber bands stretching ****
If it’s all we ever hold beholden
Cook it on ***** tops
There are no hero’s in this ******
Assemble them fiends with dry cups
Mean mug the second thought
If one mans needing
The other man is getting it
Worldwide it’s brighter eyes dimming and thick on a cold world slipping
Visions are hazed and impatient
If one mans holding
The other one is taking
  Feb 2018 StaticNSage
Téa Rhyno
I used to like a lot of things
But now the magic’s gone,
So here’s a list of things I hate
Sorry if I ramble on…

I hate the way my voice sounds
When I’m talking to my "friends"

I hate the long and lonely nights
They never seem to end

I hate the sunlight in my eyes
The tears steadily fall

I hate the people in this house
My Mom, my Dad, I hate them all

I hate the way my body looks
I hate the fat and curves

I hate the way my brain functions
I’m always on my own nerves

I hate that I’m forced to write
Just to keep my memory

I hate the people I cry over
When they were happy leaving me

I hate that I rely on drugs
To keep me in a decent mood

I hate that my body physically rejects
all attempts at eating food

I hate that I'm always sorry
For things that aren’t my fault

I hate the thoughts my brain creates
I can’t deal with the assault

I hate all of the little things
Hanging on my shelf

But the one thing that I hate the most
Is how much I hate myself
If you have a gun
You have no control
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