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A sweet Maple Tree,
with life-giving sap.
A grove of Oak Trees,
standing proud and strong.
A Misunderstood Redwood,
tall arms hoping only to reach the sky.
A forest of Birch Trees,
their pale faces illuminated by the moon.

Now I see only steel.

A train,
belching black smoke into the sky.
A skyscraper,
blocking the sun from the ground below.
A gun,
watering the earth with blood.
A flower,
its petals now darkening with ash.
Game or book?
The general discussion area,
that people overlook,
in this technological era.

Games are fun,
we all like them a bit,
like a bad pun,
we won't care to admit.

There's the franchise of COD,
the FNAF lore,
add a mod,
like it more.

But what about literature?
Since the dawn of time,
as humans mature,
they learn reading's a crime.

Of Mice and Men,
Lord of the Flies,
we forget our pen,
and new literature dies.

We all love a game,
we can't deny,
you think books are lame,
do not lie.

What happens to the books we used to read?
I can say I read them myself.
Another point in this game, and I'll be in the lead,
while our books sit away, rotting on the shelf.
Issue in Society
What is comedy?
Is it the pursuit of giving other people joy?
Or is it our own selfish desires to want to feel love and affection
We feel lonely without others
But some are lonely with others
We only care about us and what we want
So I ask, What is comedy?
I can see something on the horizon.
What it is I cannot tell.
I am moving towards it even though my legs do not move.
Where has everyone gone?
Have they left me?
Looking behind me I seem them all waving
It is dark.
It is cold.
I am scared.
I am now alone
Walking through the dark
I know what I saw.
This is tomorrow

— The End —