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snow queen Jul 2014
downhill slopes and uphill climbs
shaggy hair flying down
                         exhausted breaths
                grinning mouths
tired limbs
                            shivering skin
comforted hearts
green eyes
two ways to see this. im curious how people see it..
  Jul 2014 snow queen
I don't think all this pain is good for me
******' up my hands punching walls.
Razor Blades to my skin
Its not good.
"A world so hateful someone would rather die then be who they are"
"A happy ending be slitting my throat"
You thought your jokes were funny
When I used to run away with tears rushing down my face, it was 'funny'
Now I stand here ready to kick the chair,
When I stop and think
Who needs 'em.
Bunch of insecure ******* trying to make themselves look good.
I say stay strong, **** bullies and be with people who accept you for who you are and don't give a **** what other people think.
Thank you *******.
You helped me see the light.
Long Live.
snow queen Jul 2014
all i need
is your lips on my skin
and your hands on my hips
and magically
i feel
snow queen Jun 2014
sad how girls nowadays
think they need to be thinner
to be prettier
to be more "natural"
to be beautiful

how can a society
expect this
when it covers itself in lies
it bathes in toxins
it spreads self hate
it isnt fair

snow queen Jun 2014
mum cried into my shoulder
and told me to never  e v e r
leave her. to never give up
to never die. i told her i wouldnt
i promised. i dont want to fail her
ever. i wont die. i wont.

snow queen Jun 2014
ive recignised
my struggles
as a bird
flying into the
harsh bashing wind
as everyone watches.
                giving up
         f           a       l        l          i     n              g
and yet everyone
can see im going
no where
but backwards

snow queen Jun 2014
when did i become
a ticking time bomb
ready to expload
at any given time
how did anxiety
make me this fragile
im scared
                    one day
im going to not be able
to put back together
after an explosian.               (s.q)
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