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Shibu Varkey Dec 2019
sometimes i stand before
the misty window pane
the hazy scenes of future
amidst my misty reflection
blotches, smudges and patches
feelings, emotions and memories
wiping the bedewed window
my bare palm feels the cold
indelible marks emerging
forms a face in the frosty glass
looking not at,but with me
at the scenes that are yet to unfold
beyond that misty window
With the warm rays of sunshine
the mist sure will dry,
or the raindrops on the pane
wash the stains away
yet will stay my reflection
and will that face with me,
my soul in that misty window
Shibu Varkey Apr 2019
if there be a better way
whereby, that i could say
what i feel for you by night or day
that holds me in perfect sway

that moment, when years away
my heart wandered astray
and reached a haven there to stay
weathering, seasons sad or gay

many summers and springs display
times and time of age and gray
yet not a grain of morbid decay
in life's tests which my love assay

youthful strides of bygone days
the careful gaits of sage
or listless as a corpse shud lay,
with you my soul will stay.
Shibu Varkey Mar 2019
waiting watching seeking
in vain
anxious eager expecting
in vain
unrelenting mind thinking
in vain
hopeful  aspiring dreaming
in vain
golden memories resurging
in vain
gazing searching reaching
in vain
lonely aimless existing
in vain
painful destined sojourn
in vain
hoping moments solace  
in vain
wishful hoping a glimpse
in vain
desiring deeply belonging
in vain
closely warmly approaching
in vain
missing pining crying
in vain
A dawn to come, this pain
no more in vain
Shibu Varkey Jul 2018
A thousand shifting dunes
A million mirages
Brazen storms a raging
heavy laden with sand

None a single cloud
In the fiery blaze above
Blinding flames of fire
Pound the miles of sand.

Footprints lost in time
Wiped by moving strands
Was there and is no more
The trace of who tread where

Pushing on with head bent low
Arid winds and sand assault
Unseen yet clearly seen
To reach that patch of green.

Within the nature's viles
An island of paradise
Lush green and flowing blue
Unreal surreal but true

Thousands lost in the dunes
Scorched parched marooned
Few tho of good fortune
The oasis they find a soon

Each day as life's wind rages
Time shifts and moves as dunes
Blaze of regrets beat down
Track wither to go is wiped

Within my daily desert
A patch of life so verdant
Makes the trek more hopeful
The oasis that is you

Green with life so vibrant  
Blue and clear your spring
***** breeze your laughter
My Oasis for here and after

Shibu Varkey
Shibu Varkey Oct 2017
Your finger was good enough
For the first of my fledgling steps
As steady and firm I held
New step seemed easier than the first
Now your hand I see reach out
From beyond reality's veil
Gently on my shoulder placed
Nudging me on to those steps
You left me to walk by myself.

Your face was good enough
For first of my fumbling doubts
Each thought seemed clearer than the last.
Illumed by the faith in your face.
Your smile  i see each starry night
Light setting my face aflame
Filling me,your spirit resolute
For each  demon you left me to face.

Your breath was good enough
Felt it warm, so close to my face
My hurts and tears seemed naught
As its warmth breathed to my being life.
Your hug now I feel in the breeze.
Its gush telling me you are here.
Feeling the joy and the pain
That you left me here to gain.
For a special person who lent  father to heaven
Shibu Varkey Aug 2017
When my heart hears, what for it longs
It would know, tho' I know not.
The words in which it yearns to hear
It would know, tho' I know not.
Ask it I do, so often when lone
Yet reveals it not it's long desire,
Tells me be still, some day you'll know.

When my heart feels, what for it longs
It would know, tho' I know not.
The sense in which it yearns to feel
It sure would know, tho' I know not.
Scent from your hair so near my face,
Yet heart tells be still, some day you'll know.

When my heart longs for what it longs
It sure does know, and I know too.
The searing heat of love's desire
It sure does know and so do I
Prisoner of hope, me, my heart calls,
Her words, her Scent, her feelings all,
Be still for, that day you'll know.
Shibu Varkey Apr 2017
Your spirit has the smell of earth,
kissed by first rain,
effervescent with scent of promise,
Your spirit has the smell of the sea shore,
the breeze, sweet with the salty spray of power.
Your spirit has the smell of the mountain side, grassy meadow wild with fragrance of untame flowers
Your spirit has the smell of a monastery, mystic camphor serene thoughts of living.
Your spirit has the smell of the battle,
blood, gore, flesh and fight
Your spirit has the smell of a maiden
out from her scented bath,
sensual, drip dripping
Your spirit has the smell of forest,
wild sweaty, hot and humid.
Your spirit has the scent so honest,
of love pure tho rugged and rough
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