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Cyril May 2020
High above the leaves,
a world for you and me
Nestled in the arms
of a big, mighty tree
Secrets are spilled
on a pleasant afternoon tea
Soft giggles and sleep so cozy

Shadow and light danced on our skin
A thread tied on finger, our promise ring
Time may weaken
the wooden flooring 'till it creaks
But here we stay,
for countless autumns and springs

With ease swayed our body
to the birds' melody
Our names and a heart carved
on the bark of the tree
In this height we dreamed
and prayed in peace
Up here we belong
the treehouse, you and me
Little Raisin Apr 2020
The faint sound of a sad song,
is that the reason?
The way it's hard to sleep
perhaps, because of youtube marathons?
The way it's hard to breathe most of the time,
the season?

Tell me! Give me reasons!
Something light and easy.
I wanna float my way out.
Dying silently everynight.
The secrets of abstracts, I don't want any.
The flashbacks and its treason, it's too much for me.

Shaking and breathing heavily
Droplets of sweat dropping from my face
Waking up from nightmares I thought I could bare.
My youth who forgot to bask in the sunlight, is that the reason?
Just dumping my emptiness into this vessel of words, lonely souls and the lucky ones. Avoidance aren't the solution, my Raisins. It's THERAPY. Go get one!
Salmabanu Hatim Mar 2019
Childhood is when you dance to the beat of your own heart,
Laugh in abundance,
Soak in innocence,
Roam without care or stress,
Happy you,
Carefree you
Free of spirit,
Like a bird that soars in the sky.
When you find solace in your mother's lap,
When bruised knees and elbows
are easier  to heal,
Than a shattered heart,
When a puddle is an opportunity
to enjoy than an obstacle,
When toys, and icecreams matter more,
A war for a chocolate bar,
When you have little fights,
Then, hug each other tight.
Childhood is when you are loved by everyone,
When you are your parents happiness,
When grandparents have lots of time to play with you,
They never tire reading you the same story again and again,
Don't mind if you have an extra helping.
Your childhood is stored in your
An old book,  smells or textures, a certain habit or food.
No pain, no heartaches.
Hold onto some of your childhood tightly.
Phoebe Woods Oct 2017
I am not supposed to be here
I don't like it here
It isn't fun here
I am sad and scared
I want to leave now please
It's bad here
I’m cold
Go away
I can't do it
I can't get out
I am Trapped
It's empty here
And sad
I'm sad
And it hurts
I'm scared
I don't like it
I shouldn't be here
But she left me here
I try to tell them sometimes
But nobody listens
Nobody hears
When I try to say it
They all leave
And they don't come back
So I am alone
I am here
And no one will let me out
I try sometimes
But it's hard
And I don't work
And they leave
Why do they always leave?
They don't even know what it's like here
But they stay away
Because if they come with me
They get hurt
And I'm not worth it
Worth saving
Worth listening for
They say I'm fake
But they haven't been here
I have been here
And it's bad
I wish I could leave
I wish someone would come
I'm so alone
I don't like it here
I need to get out
I have to
I can't
Eiram N Jul 2017
There’s a funny tale read to children today
about a nonsense world found in the fields
on one manic hot morning
past a bubbling stream softly singing
at the place where a curious girl took her tumble
down a long hallway full of puzzles
and doors. If you’re sane, you wouldn’t be here
but here you are now, and it’s all so queer
how food enlarges your body to epic proportions
and critters, not of your typical garden variety,
don’t bother with “excuse me’s”,
“please’s” and “thank you’s”, but most of all
a strange sight to behold, a purple cat
on how to navigate this whimsical thicket
disappears with a trace, you see, of his wide grin of glee
so let us now stroll through the wood, to the Mad Hatter’s
where a tea party goes on forever and ever
and he hasn’t the slightest idea of the answers
to his many riddles.
In the distance rose trees painted red are growing,
while the Queen of Hearts is growing red
with hot rage at her subjects
in the midst of the oddest croquet game
with hedgehogs and flamingos as the ***** and mallets.
Now you could choose to stay here, or try to depart,
I grant you this place’s not for the faint of heart
But once you leave you’ll think about it
the absurdity has made you smile.
You’ll stand again
in the fields of another manic hot morning
hoping to God that White Rabbit will again be coming
late, late, for his very important date,
otherwise the thought of it fills you with dread,
because outside the fairytale books which you once loved and read,

a Wonderland must exist!
For all the magical stories that became a part of who I am today. I think those stories are not completely gone, just lost, trapped somewhere in the boxed confines of my brain... and searching for a good poem to muster.
Seán Mac Falls May 2015
Before the wings and spring of words,
Were cradle-held in a cloud of sleep,
Soft footfalls to hear ourselves turning
And ever new dreams were lofty keys,

We could not see the frost branching
And winter never was, nor winds cold,
In our temple eyes, the sun crowning
Imbued visions, fine as woven gold,

Draped in silks so rare, spun spinning,
To hear the birds sing in ears blossom,
For the very first time, true beginnings
And the flower's colour never forgotten,

All is mourning now— song, sings singer,
To morn, wake, dream, dreams dreamer.
GlintPale Jul 2014
The time
The Days
And that clock in the wall
my laughts my gigles ,  my tears  my joys and my desspointed, and all that memories .


I'm a treanger but I'm still a young child
that jumped in the stan
, her hair were flying all over her neck
her eyes are full of painful Imprisoned emations ,
yet with a lot of happiness .

The time
The Days
And that clock in the wall .
my laughts my gigles ,  my tears  my joys and my desspointed, and all that memories .

I'll run and run , until I get tired
and laugh and laugh until I feel pain in my stomach
I'll hug the wind
and fil to eat the clouds

I'll allways
as a child
as a child ..

writed on 25/06/2014

— The End —