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In adversity & hardships
the test of strength becomes greater
When happiness is the destination
terror becomes the focus in the process
Vision remains clear thru dark clouds
the path remains intact despite the carnage
Still I fly thru turbulence
& come out stronger than before
I get tired of the silent screams & mute cries
pacing in my room wishing I had an escape
but I must pretend like I'm okay
Search thru the dark silence surrounded by the voices thru the hall
& in the corner, you'll find me deep within the madness
Emotional, I may be but deep down I urge to see the light
but only with the right help or I won't bother to move
These tears are more than just tears, it's a testimony from the struggle
that I've been attached to tryna find my way to peace
you'll see the demons that bring the horror to make you believe I'm good
only for the kid in me to cry out before the terror contains me forever
yesterday, i cried from pain
yesterday, i wanted to quit
yesterday, i was broken
yesterday, i departed from sadness

today, i am free
today, i start over
today, i shall fly
today, i shall smile

tomorrow, i vow to be greater
tomorrow, i wish to be stronger
tomorrow, i strive for greatness
tomorrow, i learn from the mistakes of yesterday
Focus on the past & you'll miss out on what you're missing
it's back there for a reason so let them stay there reminiscing
some people throw away gems when they don't see it's worth
easier said than done but move on, I know it hurts
but it's something better waiting for you in the days to come
you'll miss it if you're still looking back at what you're departing from
hurt people hurt people & most people don't heal from the hurt
they move from heart to heart only making wounds worse
PTSD from relationships & memories of the past play in a loop
causing you to punish the innocent for things your ex did to you
You can say you moved on but your mind has yet to depart
clouding your days so even your brightest days feel dark
Why do we argue?
Why do we scream?
Why do we go back & forth?
I want you to go but don't want you to leave
I don't like to beg but I'm on my knees
You say it hurts you but it hurts me even more
give you love although I'm not in love anymore
we grew apart & the fighting tore us apart

Why do we argue?
Why do we fight?
I love you & you changed my life
but this love didn't feel fight
despite circumstances, the future was bright
but I don't think this love is the love of my life
The tears of lost souls usually get overlooked or ignored by most which leads to the wandered travel dark paths that result in death or being empty

And they're further pushed to the edge when their pain becomes a comedy until they're gone then all rise the apologies which is only given to cover the negligence of those they're loved by

I see the carnage from a birds eye view hence why I write the way I do especially if it means there's light for a greater hope

I stand in the midst of cried rivers falling from the eyes of the misery that details the terror inherently within the world they were brought up in with the most of them losing friends & some seek the path of no return just waiting for their souls to burn in the war amongst ourselves
I see a world going up in flames
whether it’s from street wars or political riots
unarmed colors on the grounds to provoked rebel flags
rainbow themed flags causing backlash
I see more chaos than I’ll ever see joy
dark clouds above all heads mixed with pouring rain

I see a world desiring to be beautiful
but struggles with its own imperfections
progression stalls when drama is glorified
acts of kindness only matters when cameras roll
demons taking over innocent souls
as the world continues get more colder

I see a world suffering from pain & trauma
with healing being desired but unable to be found
so drugs are used to cope to provide temporary numbness
several dying to live, even more living to die
seeking peace that only lives in the sky
& as the world continues to fall, I can only hope
that better days are soon to come
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