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May Oct 2017
Not every house is a home
Not everyone is living a life
that's their own

We need to stop and care
Everyone deserves to live
in a place where

Peace is found within
Suffering is not hated
for we take take it on the chin

We will stop the violence
We will stop darkness
For the light is within

Within us all
This one is more or less about not feeling comfortable. "Not every house is a home", how some people leave work or school to go to an empty house. Some people don't have the greatest home lives and we need to stop ignoring that. We need to stop ignoring it and start caring.
May Sep 2017
It's controversial
Making the choice
Being strong through the pain
Or giving in to the urge
Wondering the impact
Wondering the deed

For this world is the
Mother of shadows
Mother of darkness
It spawns all evil and wrong
Wrongs we commit to another

And by opposing the
Mother of warmth
Mother of light
It spawns all that is good
Good we pass to another

Shall the future differ
If my life is no more
Shall the world differ
If my life was no more

Or shall my grave be deep and black,
Haunted by my unredeemed wrongs.
Or shall be grave be a place of yellow,
Met with my successes and achievements.

A part of myself;
buried deep into my thoughts;
Wonders if i have achieved,
If I have contributed to this dark world.

I am fading; I can feel myself aging,
Beyond crevices and grey, and the
Slow breath. Pockets filled with the stones
Of my wrongs; head filled with the
Reminders of failure, inadequacy.
It never rests, the darkest death;
And draws nearer. Firm and dark claws,
Clasping my thoughts in
The untouchables. Intents bolder, intents
Becoming darker; intents clearer.
May Sep 2017
We all feel like we have to be the best because everyone expects us to be the best
But the best is an untouchable and unreachable standard that we set ourselves
And we set this standard but we only end up feeling that were invaluable

Invaluable because we need to have something were good at
We need a thing to feel like were good enough but other people are better
And everyone is constantly competing against each other to reach this untouchable standard, expectation

Expectation because everybody needs to feel needed and special
We need to feel special but it's getting harder to feel special because were not the best
Not the best compared to everybody else that were subconsciously competing with
Were competing because its all we know and all we know how to do

All we know how to do because were constantly placed against everybody else
Constantly compared because we feel like we need to find the best
But the best is an untouchable and unreachable standard that we set ourselves because we need to feel worthy

Worthy of the praise and the glory because were made of jealousy
And jealousy obstructs our view of who we really are and what we love
Because who we are and what we love can be compared to other people
And when we compare we come back to the untouchable and unreachable standard

You don't have to be the best in order to feel special and loved
Because were all the best at different things even if they aren't advertised
You don't need to win a competition or be famous before everybody else
You don't need to because you can't compare compassion or love
You can't compare ability and performance to other people
You can't because were all different and conditions and situations are different
No one is living the same as you are and no one knows who you truly are
And you don't owe anyone anything because they aren't you

You don't need to be the best
The untouchable and unreachable standard
Because who you are can't be compared to anybody else because they dont have your mind
They dont have your heart and your soul and thats what matters
Being the best isn't about measuring how special we are
Being the best is about feeling better than other people and being superior

Superior because we all need a little power sometimes and some people have but don't need
And some people need but don't have because they aren't the best
But we dont have to set this untouchable and unreachable standard because were different

Were all different and we need to see that

— The End —