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Sia Morweng Jul 2020
Its sad our eyes
never collided
I’d have loved
to know what
its like to look into
someone’s eyes
know how it feels
to watch moments
go by…

The meet
The dates
The fights
The proposal
The dress
The aisle
The honeymoon
The house
The children
The lawn
The grandchildren
The last touch
Laying you to rest
Then resting

It’s sad to wake up
realize in this life,
Our eyes weren’t
meant to collide
All my love
welled up inside
and you’re not
By my side to receive
Sia Morweng Jul 2020
You were written
in my destiny
Only as the sky

I can admire you
Your presence
Only never be with

When you are a star
I am not the dark
In my world to be seen

To fly would be
Feel your presence
Only never be
With you present

If you are the sun
I am only the ray
There by your eminence

You were written
in my destiny
Known by my heart
But my eyes not so
jcl Apr 2018
After all, we weren't meant to be
We are two innocent victims
of the thought we were

So blinded by the troubled flame
that we didn't know what would turn into ashes

So awed by the sea
without realizing the waves could toss us
onto the shore, barefooted

After all, we weren't for each other
We are two fools calmed by the thought
that love is enough

— The End —