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President Snow Feb 2020
Hayaan mo pangako,
Ako na ang susuko
Tatanawin nalang kita
Papanoorin kang maging masaya

Hayaan mo pangako,
Pipigilan ko ang mga paa ko
Pahihintuin na rin ang puso
Mga luha'y hindi na tutulo

Hayaan mo pangako,
Hanggang dito nalang tayo,
Ikaw, kapiling sya
Ako, mag isa
Pangatlong tula para sayo
President Snow Jan 2020
Nagmahal ako minsan ng isang taong hindi mahilig sa tula,
Ng mga matang di mahilig sa malalalim na salita
Ng mga tenga na hindi mahilig makinig sa mga tugma

Nagmahal ako minsan ng mga labi na may matatamis na ngiti
Ng mga lumalabas na salitang nakakabighani
Ng mga mabubulaklak na kasinungalingan na masarap sa pandinig
At oo, nagmahal ako ng mapaglinlang na bibig

Nagmahal ako minsan ng mga kamay na hindi ko nahawakan
Ng mga haplos na hindi manlang naramdaman
Ng mga daliring hindi kamay ko ang hanap
Ng mga bisig na hindi ako nayakap

Nagmahal ako minsan ng isang taong hindi ako ang pinili
Ng mga mata na sa iba nakatingin
Ng mga tenga na sa iba nakikinig
Ng pusong hindi ako minahal
LDR *****
Yep, I'm back. Broken again.
President Snow Dec 2018
Maybe you'll forever be my almost —
We almost made it
You almost loved me
I almost have your heart
You were almost mine
I almost got you
We're so close to falling
But you left.
Almost is never enough so close to being in love~
President Snow Dec 2018
And I still can't believe—
My chaotic mind was suddenly calm
Storms finally  at peace
drunk soul became sober
I found myself
When I found you
I want to find myself.
And I did.
President Snow Nov 2018
3:27 am is for the student who weeps
Facing so many failures, forcing himself up,
battling for high numbers

3:28 am is for the alcoholics getting wasted
Drinking themselves into sleep
Trying to forget someone who left

3:29 am is for the poets who can't sleep
Words coming out of their longing heart
Writing for someone who wouldn't listen

3:30 am is for the artists expressing themselves
Into artworks, because their minds are alive
With the scenery of someone who is not there

3:31 is not for the lovers making love all night
Nor for the lovers asleep in each others arm

3 am is for the lonely,
For those who loved
and never loved in return
Inspired by a quote.
President Snow Sep 2018
"Why are you back?" She asked

"I found my way back to you. This time, I'll stay. I promise" he pleaded

"Have you forgotten how broken I am when you left?
You took away the universe from me.
You walk away easily that night
for me to believe that you couldn't
swim deep into my waters and chaos.
You leave easily for me to
believe if it is really love we've shared.
And what would I tell myself
if I took you back after the struggles I've been to?
You found your way back to me
But I already found my way away from you.
This time, I'll save myself from breaking"
She said.
Nobody will save you but yourself.
President Snow Jun 2018
L a s t  n i g h t ,
I n  a  c r o w d e d  p l a c e ,
H i s  s o u l  m e t  m i n e
B u t  h i s  h e a r t  d i d n ' t .
Soulmates doesn't mean love. It's all about the heart and not the soul. Ciao
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