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  Dec 2016 Gudden
Dead lover
A dead body I met, she was someone who everyone did forget,
Whenever she complained, the only thing she did later was regret .
Her eyes had grown tired of being wet, thus decided not to weep,
A day for her was hard to realize, that sun did set, without eye's wept.
Horrified with being happy, that night she couldn't sleep,
Her past was dangerous, was mysterious , exactly like her, every layer deep.
She was helpless, she was hopeless, she was direction-less
She even was lifeless,i saw and turned depress and she in my mind did creep..
There were so many cuts on her body, yet it seemed section- less..
She knew what was right and what was wrong, yet she was action -less .
She had been stuck with some disgrace, was visible on her face,
Her simplicity in a complex world, seemed aimless,
It wasn't painless, but because she didn't want to part of a race,
She wore an anklet, made up of needles and lace,
With the caption "77", as her dead body's grace..
I wanted to console her, but before that she was gone,
**** these winters, I had turned this idiotic hot shower on ..
Save me from myself..
  Apr 2016 Gudden
I can play cards.

La sexualidad sera discutida por las mentes mas brillantes del mundo haber que hacen…
E E Cummings, Cortazar, Borges, Jung
  Apr 2016 Gudden
Dead lover
Her chapped lips, and round hips,
Her beautiful nose and cheeks of rose..

Her flawless complexion,
Her intelligent reaction..

She was a true beautiful person,
From her appearance and mind,
Still I couldn't confess my love for her,
Since just from the eyes, she was blind...
  Mar 2016 Gudden
Dead lover
His highness is searching for a bride,
She must be very beautiful and also dutiful.

He doesn't care if she's not educate,
He just cares that she be able to *******.

He doesn't want to have a lady with brains,
He just wants a woman to hug in the rains..

He wants a first hand girl, that is a ******,
So that she doesn't complain, to merge in..

Not debate, and follow all his orders without hate.
And to accept such a wife, he needs dowry as bait!

He is gonna be king, an official ideal candidate for a bride,
Who wants to have a lady, 'her' tears who could hide
Kings my goodness!
  Feb 2016 Gudden
Dead lover
Can't the rain, hear our pain-

To shower again,
When meet the lovers insane?

And drain the strain,
Inculcated by their brains?
  Jan 2016 Gudden
Dead lover
Well before you know anything else about him,
I'm so happy right now, with my eyes filled upto brim,
Well yeah, it's about a special friend of mine,
Call him a friend, a daddy or a birdie, all are fine.

He's a down to Earth person, with no time to even show it!
Yet people call my birdie, insensitive!
I don't know what do they want to say,
And why as negative they want him to be portrayed.

He's not weird, just unique,
He's not being selective,just doing something for himself for the first time,
You can't call him Selfish.

He's not you, He's not me,
He's better support than us, you'll see!

He's an awesome person, with his awesomeness obscure,
That doesn't make him insecure!
He's no good around people you say,
But in reality, He's the same around all..

He's not fake, expressions he doesn't feel like he doesn't know how to make.
He's just too good the way he reacts,
'cause there's just one way he acts,
That's same,
And no adjective I know,
Could complete his name...

I call him a dad as of yet,
So that such an independent person of humanity,
I don't forget.

**Dad, Please stay
Stay my
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