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  Nov 2020 Gudden
Dead lover
I bleed through words,
From the cuts given by the society.

I want to escape and fly like birds,
With a hope, it all ends my agony.
  Dec 2016 Gudden
Dead lover
A dead body I met, she was someone who everyone did forget,
Whenever she complained, the only thing she did later was regret .
Her eyes had grown tired of being wet, thus decided not to weep,
A day for her was hard to realize, that sun did set, without eye's wept.
Horrified with being happy, that night she couldn't sleep,
Her past was dangerous, was mysterious , exactly like her, every layer deep.
She was helpless, she was hopeless, she was direction-less
She even was lifeless,i saw and turned depress and she in my mind did creep..
There were so many cuts on her body, yet it seemed section- less..
She knew what was right and what was wrong, yet she was action -less .
She had been stuck with some disgrace, was visible on her face,
Her simplicity in a complex world, seemed aimless,
It wasn't painless, but because she didn't want to part of a race,
She wore an anklet, made up of needles and lace,
With the caption "77", as her dead body's grace..
I wanted to console her, but before that she was gone,
**** these winters, I had turned this idiotic hot shower on ..
Save me from myself..
  Apr 2016 Gudden
I can play cards.

La sexualidad sera discutida por las mentes mas brillantes del mundo haber que hacen…
E E Cummings, Cortazar, Borges, Jung
  Apr 2016 Gudden
Dead lover
Her chapped lips, and round hips,
Her beautiful nose and cheeks of rose..

Her flawless complexion,
Her intelligent reaction..

She was a true beautiful person,
From her appearance and mind,
Still I couldn't confess my love for her,
Since just from the eyes, she was blind...
  Mar 2016 Gudden
Dead lover
His highness is searching for a bride,
She must be very beautiful and also dutiful.

He doesn't care if she's not educate,
He just cares that she be able to *******.

He doesn't want to have a lady with brains,
He just wants a woman to hug in the rains..

He wants a first hand girl, that is a ******,
So that she doesn't complain, to merge in..

Not debate, and follow all his orders without hate.
And to accept such a wife, he needs dowry as bait!

He is gonna be king, an official ideal candidate for a bride,
Who wants to have a lady, 'her' tears who could hide
Kings my goodness!
  Feb 2016 Gudden
Dead lover
Can't the rain, hear our pain-

To shower again,
When meet the lovers insane?

And drain the strain,
Inculcated by their brains?
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