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RAJ NANDY Jun 2017
Dear Poet Friends, this poem was composed as a tribute and praise
to the Creator of heaven and earth way back in the year 2008, & was posted on ‘’. The Creator’s handiwork has inspired Poets, Artists, and Humans alike since the dawn of our
civilisation, and shall continue to do so for our future generations! Hope you like this poetic composition. I will be grateful if you comment only after having read the entire poem.  Thanks, - Raj

                * BY RAJ NANDY*

       '’The heavens declare the glory of the Lord,
        The sky proclaim His divine handiwork!’’
                                                   - Psalm of David.

The SKY is a multidimensional manifestation of God's
A translucent blue canopy above all and one.
The sky has inspired humans for centuries to aspire
and dream, -
To seek His blessings and guidance from above;
And shall continue to do so for centuries to come!
The sky beckons and lures with its mystical spell;
Making humans with leaping aspirations to try out
and reach, -
Those frontiers where the sky is the unlimited limit of
all our hopes, aspirations and dreams!
The sky, lush, luring, luminous, and sweet, -
Invites, entice, and fills us with a sense of wonder!
How God-like in appearance, and almost human in
its expressions!
The sky has remained as a silent witness to the birth
of our planet,
Since God created the firmament and the heavens,
before creating the Earth.
The sky, a silent spectator since eons past,
Shall continue to see the fading away of old stars;
And formation of baby galaxies in a cosmic drama of
His creation,
Lying beyond the comprehension of Mankind!
While we try to delve His secrets with our space probes,
Which we can neither fully comprehend nor unravel;
And shall only continue to wonder and marvel!

The blue sky continues to inspire and even melts,
While its blue translucence silently seep into the
Poet's heart,
As he sits to reflect and shape his thoughts,
And the vast expanse of the ethereal sky,
Stretching his mind with future dreams and
While the azure blue begins to flow through his
veins, and gets transmitted through his pen, -
To convey his exalted thoughts and deepest feelings,
in poetic lines and verse, -
Which becomes the Poet's sole mission.
And at night when the Poet meditates, he catches a
falling star,
And writes a poem on it and keeps it in his pocket, -
Saving it for a rainy day!
And during the silence of the night, when the hours
grow dark and deep,
And the sky gently droops and drips;
The poet wakes up to write, and writes to sleep!

The sky flows on to the canvas of the Painter,
As he tries to depict its varied complexions and moods,
With his limited colours, shades and hues,
Flashing and spilling his canvas with touches of tints
and tones,
To captivate the capricious, transient and fanciful moods,
which the sky adorns!
The deep blue empyrean is at times blissful and sublime,
Changing from a radiant, opulent, and iridescent, -
To threatening, cruel, and violent;
Both devastating and destructive as the sweeping
tornado or a hurricane!
Yet when God decides to paint the Aurora Borealis those
magical Northern Lights, -
Those glowing diaphanous curtains of waving, swirling
streamers of lights,
With its red, green, blue, violet, and luminescent spell-
binding shades;
How can any artist foolishly dare to compete or replicate
His celestial art?
For the Auroras are a reflection of His live real time
handiwork, -
Which shall never diminish or fade!

The crystal blue arch of heaven, a glorious canopy
cover over our head,
Blesses us with the much needed shade;
From the tormenting and scorching rays of the
relentless Summer's sun.
With its varying layers of passing clouds, -
As the sun completes its diurnal rounds!
Those high cheerful cirrus and cirro-stratus clouds
of the Winter sky,
The meditating alto-cumulus and alto-stratus clouds
of medium heights;
And those upward swelling, ambitious clouds of
cumulonimbus, -
Carrying the thunder bolts and lightning of the great
Zeus do confound us!
And finally those low sheets of stratus clouds of the
rumbling monsoon sky;
Bringing incessant rain and lightning darts, -
Flashing like a whip lash across the sky and the earth!
With the speed of sound always lagging behind that
of light, -
Thus thunder bolts always follow those blinding flashing
darts of dazzling blue lights!
While the good Earth absorbs it all like some suffering
And forever regenerates itself to transcend its
tormenting plight!

The clouds floating like fluffy wool of cotton and
the downs of white goose feathers,
Adds dimensions, visual depth, definition and a sense
of perception;
For the human mind to behold and meditate, -
Those vast measureless depths of the infinite space!
The clouds with its varying forms and shapes,
At times like the ice cream cones with vanilla
tops and wisps of cream;
Keep floating across the cerulean blue, forming
and melting, -
From one nothingness into another,  below the
arched vault of the heavens!
And at times the clouds coalesce to dissipate as
gentle rain,
With rhythmic beats, or follow some wild musical note,
Lashing against the earth like a dancer in trance!
While it brings down the cool aqua, the very elixir of
life to earth.

The sky is held captive by its own void of eternal
As nature's mirror, it reflects and also shows us a
glimpse of the infinite!
While the night sky by itself exhibits a wondrous
With the sentinel stars shining like a living hymn
written in light!
And the ebony treasure vault of heavens hold the
sparkling and glittering countless gems;
Of pearls of lily white, rubies with red sheen,
And galaxies shimmering like hyacinth of purple
The sky envelopes the earth all around in an elusive
embrace of unconsummated love!
But each night, in hope and expectations the Sky
adorns itself, -
With diamond necklace and pearls of milky white,
Woven round its dark black flowing stresses;
Casting longing looks towards the beloved Earth,
To whom she is attracted from her very birth!

The sky despite its wide range of colourful
spectrum and moods,
Forever retains its pristine colour of azure blue,
behind its gray and somber clouds.
Each morning the sky presents us with a clean
blue slate,
Where nothing ever remains written or etched!
Inspiring humans to make a new beginning,
Before time runs out and it becomes too late!
Yet the sky never forgets to reflect the arched
rainbow over its brow,
Once the thunder clouds and storms dissipate!
Keeping our hopes and aspirations forever alive;
And impelling us to strive in all our endeavours
and to excel!

The sky remains as a revelation of God's immaculate
The blue welkin, God's treasure trove, with its
capricious moods,
Sometimes furious, sometimes iridescent, but by nature
divinely sublime!
The sky a recurrence of happenings, with its speckled dance, -
Of colours, cadence, and of light and shade,
Giving us a taste, smell and feel of eternity, -
Which appears as real, though illusory and ephemeral!
Transcending all our scientific formulas, speculations
and intricate *******-up logic;
Since many mystical and unknown energy forms exist in
our sky and space,
Beyond the realms of Quantum Physics , String Theory,
the Higgs Field and Relativity!  * ( see Notes below)
And forces can even be made to emanate from the human
mind and soul and to transcend, -
To blend with those vibrations in the celestial spheres of
the Divine!

The sky shall forever remain a source of exhilaration
and exhortation for mankind, -
And as an exaltation of God's divine and lofty thoughts!
The sky also remains as our ultimate frontier, -
Stretching the dimensions of human consciousness,
Till our consciousness learns to merge with the Divine;
To become one and to blend, under the blue vault of
our blissful Empyrean!
                                                       -  by RAJ NANDY, NEW DELHI

(*NOTES: The five different versions of the String Theories know as the 'The M- Theory' of Quantum Physics, which tries to explain the origin of all things through the vibrations of nano strings. The latest discovery of the Higgs Field, which is said to add mass to subatomic particles; are our humble and insufficient efforts to understand God’s mysterious creation of the universe and space!)
ohellobeautiful Feb 2018
you are

the nourishment to all you see
the streamline to D i v i n i t y
a miracle of endless growth
kaleidoscopic-Cosmic hope
the stars are sifting
through your
pulls you
toward all
you’ve sought
in you there hums a
Cosmic Truth — with notes
your Soul-Spark always knew
which every moment dances to

your multidimensional debut
Nat Lipstadt Nov 2013
Dump: A Commissioned Poem

Someone commissioned me to write a poem about the word, dump.  Not a pretty word, but a workingman's word, full of possibilities and mystifications.  Gratefully accepted.

so many, endlessly endless.
bringing paper, cans, compacted
all in need of special disposal,
special handling,
individuation of caring.

I split myself into multiple personas.
blue, green and some other color,
divine myself into receptacles for the sounds
you write, that must be read aloud, slowly,
in order to properly, allocate,
to dispose,

not the planet,
something smaller,

your verse!
you in verse is multidimensional,
yet unified,
one theme,
single answer to a questioned couched
a thousand different ways,
a thousand different poem titles!

how can I sustain myself?

— verb (used with object)
to support, hold, or bear up from below; bear the weight of, as a structure.
to bear (a burden, charge, etc.).
to undergo, experience, or suffer (injury, loss, etc.); endure without giving way or yielding.
to keep (a person, the mind, the spirits, etc.) from giving way, as under trial or affliction.
to keep up or keep going, as an action or process: to sustain a conversation.
to supply with food, drink, and other necessities of life.
to provide for by furnishing means or funds.
to support (a cause or the like) by aid or approval.
to uphold as valid, just, or correct, as a claim or the person making it

you are in the dictionary,
did you know that?

now I will answer in a free man's verse,
written without hesitation but with plenty of
tears and tissues
and rememberings of his own
wasted days, major successes,
bathtub ships,
and passengers saved.

Words written in a single breath,
no exhalation just simple purity,
best wishes that any man can have,
if daring, he reaches inside and,
rips himself open,
saying it's ok, and meaning it,.

so here I am
standing looking you in the eye,
sitting with both arms draped
over your body,
dump it all on me.

Cause I got a billion words that rhyme with
Bring me the past and the future uncertain.

I already told you
never read a poem I did not like.

got slots for cans paper and compost,
got slots for fear, heartache and a big ole wide one for

got a heart shaped dump
that never closes.

The city council complains,
your name ain't Moses,
you are a city boy,
why you hanging in the wilderness for forty more,
didn't you do your time?
ex wife that brutalized your soul.
two sons who barely speak to you.
let someone else take over,
and I smile saying exactly,
I got experience,
I got Kleenex,
don't know nobody else better
Boy Scout
Be Prepared.

even you can dump on me

ask not what you will bring.
cause I got an opening for anything you can
and land fill of me that has so much space,
billions of acres and neurons that will lay fallow,
until your poems, plaints, sailings and wailings
fill them.

so that is my poem,
I like it.

May even dump some of mine on someone
like you.
after all
who in this world cannot use some
Next word, please
Rachel Julia Oct 2015
I hate labels.
so you may ask me why do you compulsively put words and purposes and dates and times on everything you have.
I hate labels but I love organization.
The problem with labels is they rarely tell the whole story.
Labels are short, just a snapshot of the essence that the thing or person boils down to
but I don’t believe anything can really be that simple.
Labels can make everything easier.
You get the main point, the thing that stands out, FAST.
but that’s like starting a story at it’s ******, you get no previous information and that high point that holds so much meaning if you've read the entire story turns flat.
A flat character doesn’t grow or change or feel all that much but they usually have a label.
Labels turn real multidimensional, complicated, interesting people into flat characters.
He is not gay.
She is not a cutter.
and He is not transgender.
They are real people and you cannot possibly fit a person into a single worded description of the thing that stands out about them or makes them different.  
That is not enough for me!
The gay guy likes ice cream and romantic comedies, he's afraid of commitment, that scar is from his own blade and he volunteers on Wednesdays.
The cutter is seventeen and she lives with her grandparents. Almost everybody shes loved has walked away.
She has hair the color of sand at the beach and she wants to work in security at the airport so she can finally have control over who leaves and who stays.
The transgender man never felt trapped in the wrong body, the world just told him that his body was wrong. He’s a freshman in college and nobody ever told him how hard it would be. He calls his mom every night because he knows she worries and he cares. He has skin the color of caramel and he desperately wants to get married.
I hope you now understand that a label is never never enough.
You could argue that I’m afraid of being defined and of defining others with just a word,
but if you ask me a fear of labels is a very legitimate, considerate, and justifiable fear to have.
Labels are simply not enough.
And that's why I hate labels.
George Krokos Feb 2016
The whole of the visible universe appears to be just like the tip of an iceberg floating in the ocean of Infinite Consciousness; the body of God, expressing itself as space, time and matter, which converge and are fully integrated in the universal mind of the person who has achieved Cosmic Consciousness. That person stands at the very forefront and pinnacle of human evolution and existence, as it were; master of them self and their environment without any ignorance or doubt. Within that person human ignorance and limitations have been purged and transcended in the fires of the Divine Bliss, Knowledge, Love and Power of God Who alone exists and Who thereby also realises Himself to be, through that very rare individual, in essence and with absolute certainty, the One Infinite, Almighty, Eternal, and Omnipresent Being.
That Cosmic Conscious person is no longer aware of being just an individual soul with a physical body but knows and experiences life on  multidimensional levels including subtle, mental, supra mental and spiritual states of consciousness and can move between physical and non-physical dimensions. Having attained a fully developed sense of intuition that person sees into the hearts and minds of all and can influence others and events for necessary outcomes in line with a higher purpose or Divine Plan that they have become an instrument of and in accordance with the karma of the persons they are dealing with. They can know and have a clear insight into the beginning and end of any situation they themselves are confronted with, or for that matter other people find themselves in, and can offer timely advice for the benefit of one and all. They are continuously established in the perception of Truth or Reality as that is the underlying eternal unchanging Cause and Essence of all existence. Their very physical presence exudes an aura of love, peace, wisdom, bliss and power that becomes tangible to those who are in tune with them or have somehow been guided into their sphere of influence and acknowledge their unique attainment.
Although they have achieved all the above and have become a truly remarkable person they are however neither boastful, proud or prejudiced nor do they harbour any ill will towards anyone and may even keep and maintain a low profile in the world. They live and teach by example and where possible through compassion, provide support and help to others that may be or are experiencing the vicissitudes of daily existence and caught up in the web of illusion or Maya which they themselves have overcome. They have become the very epitome or ideal of the human being everyone aspires to be in one way or another and unwittingly and unequivocally act as a mirror for those who have accepted and acknowledge them for what they have become and represent, seeking their guidance and benevolence in daily life. They are the very embodiment of the Divine Supreme Being and use the Wisdom, Power, Bliss and Authority vouchsafed to them for the good of all mankind including, needless to say in various ways with considerable empathy even those who oppose them, because they see and experience themselves in all others; and of course depending on the nature of the situation; where it stands in relation to the current scheme that is unfolding and is also in keeping with the overall Divine Plan. They can also bestow a spiritual awakening and even that of enlightenment to one and all who come before them either by a thought, word, touch, deed or just by being in their physical presence, which is a rare privilege, but this depends in part on the readiness of the aspirant and usually comes at a cost. This procedure is known as the transmission of energy or initiation of the master otherwise called “Shaktipat” and can also be given through an agent of the master – an appointed dedicated disciple or follower.
Some examples of people known or attributed to have achieved true Cosmic Consciousness throughout history are the founders of all the major world religions including a person by the name of Meher Baba in the 20th Century, to whom this thesis is dedicated, and also the numerous Perfect Masters (those who have reached the highest stage of spiritual attainment on the 7th plane of consciousness) who may have themselves, over the course of millennia, also founded or established their own respective religious based institutions, sects and spiritual organisations. (See note below)

NOTE: It should be noted here however that not all religious based institutions, sects and spiritual organisations have been founded or  established by someone who has achieved true Cosmic Consciousness no matter how appealing or widespread they have become even though they may claim to adhere to and follow the tenets and principles of a major world religion. Nevertheless, if the tenets and principles of a particular religion are followed sincerely with devotion the Grace of the Founder of that religion is available and flows through to the aspirant irrespective of time and place. It should also be noted that over the course of millennia some of the written accounts and records of those major world religions have probably been changed or altered in various ways by their respective clergy either due to translation and modernisation of the original works or for the sheer sake of maintaining authority and power over that religion’s followers. Hence, we have today so many diverse views based on dogma and doctrine regarding what has been handed down, particularly in regard to those professing to be knowledgeable about that religion, without themselves having experienced or achieved that state of consciousness (Cosmic Consciousness of the main  Founder) but are just quoting the words of the Founder and others in that particular religious tradition.
From the above it can be stated that there have been throughout history complete and major as well as also partial and minor examples of people attaining Cosmic Consciousness. It also seems evident due to a Cosmic Universal Trend regarding certain factors influencing human evolution and concerning the progress or advancement in knowledge and technology through the current understanding of the relationship between science and religion that there is a general increase of people who are finding a greater interest in the pursuit and study of the subject in one way or another.
Cosmic Consciousness is also known variously as God Realisation, Self Realisation, Enlightenment, Nirvana, Sahaj Samadhi, Liberation, Christ Consciousness and by other terms which indicate and point to an irrevocable union of a human being with a Divine Supreme Being or state of consciousness that is indescribable, except perhaps by those who have achieved and experience it in every moment of their daily fulfilled lives, immaculate and the All-in-All of Everything and Nothing; the repository and Source of all existence and the Eternal, Infinite Unfathomable Absolute.
Written in 2015. I thought this would be interesting to share here on HP.
Axiana  Jun 2013
Axiana Jun 2013
She wore an air of mysticism
Her memory bore prophetic visions
From ancient egyptian
And judaic traditions
She knows every star system
And every night is a mission
Where she wishes and wishes
For help from the legends

Feeling the kundalini extension
A timeless moment in meditation
She rode a chariot of ascension
With many faces
Facing in all directions
Interpreting new races
There was
Communication retention in
Multidimensional dimensions
And convoluted intentions
Creating dense tension
Leaving her in suspension
Then, there was a call for attention
And she witnessed the mention
Of helping Earths' ascension
Words whispered with foreign inflections
Melted away her apprehensions
With familiar definitions
And promising space faring inventions
A work in progress but it's because this one is so much fun to write I just want to keep going and going! :)
Anthony Perry  Jan 2016
Anthony Perry Jan 2016
Violence is real and natural. Multidimensional, it exists in every form of life. Its visceral, it shears through the thickest ice, survives the coldest vice and won't shatter when thrown from incredible hieghts.

Violence is quick and unjust.
It swiftly infects the blood then slowly turns a useful mind to rust, takes away all that someone is and replaces it with formaldehyde and sawdust, it wants to watch as the body succumbs to deaths lust.

Violence is hard and true.
It's an event, a car crash that forced a woman out of the windshield like a 12 gauge slug pumped straight into the heart of a child who's witnessed skin hanging from the hole his mother just went through.

Violence is in the air like a pathogen, infecting us with an experience that executes our innocence, genocide, created from hate by that precious few.
In one dimension or another, it's the backbone of every great nation and of all life, it's nothing new.
Jasmine Martin Aug 2013
Perched against an ancient stone
That stands on top of the hill
Bathed in the crystalline light
Of a November sun
And wrapped in my winter coat
I listen
To the Makers of Wings
That dance through my being
Dimensions shift within

While one reality is fading
A new one opens up
Giving access to
Beautiful geometry
Of multi-colored light
Dissolving matter into
Fluid rainbows that
Make me wonder:
Where does this body stop,
And where the stone begin?

There is no more I
Nor is there a You
There is no grass, no stone, no air
No cold or warmth
While my senses are blending
Light and sound
The veil is lifting

The feeling of connectedness
Leaves no room for thoughts
I drift in timeless space through
The eternity of the moment
That allows me
A glimpse of what I am

A chilly autumn breeze shifts
Dimensions back again
To where my brain translates
Geometry into matter
And tricking me once more
Into illusions

On the far horizon
Out of undefined grayness
Of multidimensional vapors
Ascending water
Reconnects as a cloud

And above me
In the blueness of the sky
White feathery wisps appear
A clearly visible Infinity Sign
Morphing into the double helix
Of a strand of DNA

How powerful the metaphors
We create along the way
As guidance on the winding path
Of the ever expanding Self

And out of the silvery cloud
Hanging over the sea
The White Phoenix is rising

© Jasmine, Wadebridge, November 2010
OdotLondon  Sep 2012
OdotLondon Sep 2012
There are three sides to a story
and I've shied away from each
lost my touch I've grown so numb
to my own feelings
now a new language that I'm
in no way familiar with
only fluent in silence

My problem is inspiration
before long turns to disinterest
will to a won't
or a can't
or a don't
so I don't

words are objective
their meanings subjective
so splattering words on a page
like paint on a canvas
or colors on the world
is a step in the right direction
a try

a seed
that will hopefully grow into a
strong poe-tree
with multidimensional branches
that I can climb to escape
But there's no escape if I don't try.
JL Apr 2013
I am going to die
Someone tripped my breaker
I swim in the sparks
Thinner lines of longitude
Meet tangentially above
The third eye.
A veil is dropped and I
See the spinning mandala
Colors drip in lateral formations
Each line crosses
Infinitely deep in every direction
Bisecting me
Pay attention now
You are dying
You will tear through the veil
******* in the first breath
Cold air
The buzzing is around you
Warm glowing life forms
They sing songs!
Music of shape and color
Cyan and lilac notes
Fluttering from their bodies
Their songs spark and lightning
Through my body filling me with joysorrowlustpainguiltecstacy
Arcing off of my skin
Leaving long gaseous, crimson-green trails through the buzz of light
Watch me!
Look at this
Do you see what I can do?
Do you see, young one?
The souls gather around me
Whispering the secret of the
We laugh together at the simplicity of it all
They show me their playthings shaped
Totem poles of fractal colors impossibly
Spinning on a string of deoxyribonucleic acid
Quadruple helices infinitely intricate strands
Dripping diamonds in hues of color I cannot name
It didn't last long
Knowing the secret of it all
Go back now
To your bed
Back to your dimension
Don't try to remember us
We are multidimensional
Children casting tridemensional
Shadow puppets upon your dimly lit cave walls
Oh Demon! Oh archangel! Oh fairy! Ghost!
You foolish primate
Smearing your cave walls with words
Try to figure us out, shall you?
We are forgotten like a dream
The walls are alien
And the impossible
Shattered bloom on each surface
Sing and vibrate
It feels as If I have been here before. As if it has always been but I am  allowed to see behind the curtain
Join the club
Join the club
We vibrate inside plant matter
Inside each atom we dance

Recreate us in your mind's eye dearest vertebrate
Watch us swim in and out of your memories
We have left our fingerprints upon the archaic machinery
Of your central nervous system
We are here
You are here
We are everywhere stop looking
We probe and poke at you
And sometimes we ancient-ones bend down and kiss you on the lips
You strange humans always exclaiming:  Déjà vu

— The End —