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Harley Hucof Aug 2014
they listend to me when i said look.
they knew a meaningfull lesson i was about to shoot.
close your eyes and visualize your dreams for before you know it they ll become real.
expand your mind and free your soul and all your problems shall be solved.
never forget to stay positive. all the bad things are relative.
focus on your health and stay fit and watch your life take a lift.
sing this song and feel the beat for freedom is what we seek
trust your intuitions and praise the lord and all the answers will come to your door.
seek love in everything and you ll see the love in all the living
never forget what really matters health family friends and animals.
be yourself and seek your pleasures but if you abuse it  you 'll lose this treasure.
trust me when i say be patient life isnt and diamonds.
In the right time you will recieve just the information that you need.
thats if ofcourse you chose the right path,if you didnt your actions wont last.
find laughter in everything. fun is the only medicine.
life is hard so be carefull dont rush things and stay in focus. for what you miss wont be retrieved.
love the children and never lie to them for the truths lies in their heart to the end.
take your emotions seriously. behind them hides life's mistery.
seek romance but in balance stay independent and love again.
dont fight people for energy, others sources give it to you for free.
send energy to those who need for giving is the greatest act indeed.

words of Harfouchism
Camila  Nov 2013
Camila Nov 2013
After "once upon a time" our story becomes a mistery;
weather you are Prince Charming or the ogre is mine to discover.
The not-so-typicall "boy meets girl"
where the princess has dragons living inside her
and the ghosts that haunt her com from her own past.
A tale where Mr. Perfect has a weakness for easy women and strong liquor
and a miracle has to happen to make him see the magic.
Ava Blue  Apr 2014
Ava Blue Apr 2014
No dream, big city
Drive empty passions
Destination shy


No one waits.

Thirst for meaning
Empty knowledge
Knights of the dark
Jokers of the heart

Limitless treasure hunts  for meaning

The secret; Unsure
Reagan LaVey  Feb 2010
Reagan LaVey Feb 2010
It is common, and yet is new
It happens to me and it happens to you
It is the mistery of our era,
It is the fear and the disapear,
It is what kills us, it is like air,
It is the link between this and that,
It is related to life and ***,
It is the word that defines us,
It is a mistery to most of us,
What does it mean, what does it have,
To give...or to take...
It is redemption and it is pain,
It is our beloved Eternity.
Inside lies Immortality,
It has the answers and it doesn't lie,
It is our Heaven and Hell at the same time,
We have nothing without and we have all,
And the memories will be so sweet.
Too bad that we will forget,
Who we were, who we are and who will we be,
It guards your soul,
The doors of this are now closing
It is private, but no guests are coming.
FullMoon  Aug 2014
a mistery.
FullMoon Aug 2014
Long ago there lived a man , the son of a son who was the king of gods who was also very talented in playing a musical instrument .
                                                               ­           This son was gifted to play an instrument so magically that he could soothe and cast spells among savage beasts.
                                                                ­ This gifted son had a wife , whom he loved dearly , unfortunately oneday she died , but he traveled into a magical world where he could possibly get his wife to come back to life , his great uncle could possibly make this happen .

He begged his uncle to allow his wife to come back to earth as herself , his uncle agreed , but on one condition 'as she follows behind you , she is not allowed to look back until you and your wife are out of this magical world .' His uncle demanded . The son then agreed .

A few minutes later as him and his wife were walking she took a quick peek , just to see if everything was okay behind her and then lost he wife forever
Stephanie  Sep 2018
Stephanie Sep 2018
she knew it, smirks, so she applaud.
lame. that was a fallacy
herself is the mistery

Have you seen her in the clarity of dripping scarlet riverflows?

she's still the secrecy of midnight that no one ever knows

Even hallowing hazy fog of cold could made us blinded

in this knotted ropes of white lies, dead end

Lowfully dare to follow her illusionary footsteps in waters

fraud. she's the one whose following your shady runners
she is the vulture and the prey;
the moth and the flame;
the wicked and the good;
the water and the blood;

Peace in your mind, her sojourn.

she's the only one who smiled in the midst of mourn

Mellow greetings when she entered the juvenile dreams

when the night visits, it'll be silent screams



she is an oxymoron but more of a paradox.
: a whole beautiful jigsaw puzzle who's made to be in thousand pieces...

PS. i leave clues
PPS. read with your heart and soul
PPPS. anyone who reads this, know that I love you. Because only those who really love me will want to read this crap right 'til the end.
PPPPS. thank you.
Jon Po Dom Feb 2017
The breezy wind blows
Her dark brown hair flows
Freely as she walks
Like a beautiful bird flies
Freedom in its eyes

Who is she? I've never seen
The look in her eyes, keen
Cutting through armor mesh
Reaching me
Her smile? A white sheen

The mystery woman will stroll
People's eyes scroll
Up and Down
Too much beauty
She is glowing
Eyes are burning
None can see

Who can look upon thee?
Strange words form, doth thou see?
My mind is boggled
Head is spinning
Beautiful woman is crushing

My lungs lose breathe
Coming up to thresh
The surface of the water
Like a fish in a net
There is time to escape yet

I have to walk away
Your gaze burns through me, can't stay
The mystery woman is unaware
A poetic endeavor proclaimed
My life forever changed

JM 10/14/16
echo  Oct 2015
echo Oct 2015
you've caught my eye
but can you hold
my ponderings?
Wondering if you're everything I wonder you to be...
There cute as a flute, Life by the day or rewinding the cassette tape.
Tha **** is an iphone?. I just wanna be home...
on the first page of the story,
stuck at an old age no more glory.
I have learned and I have yearned .
All thats left to see is what it's gonna be                         when I'm not around...
I miss that o'l playground
not much more to see no one knew to be , all my friends are dead well oh gee.
Life lined up is a mistery Live do die
....I'm just ancient history...
every thing is so new  i don't have a clue..
But I am not dumb because I'm not young !
feal up to cry but you can't lie.
this is reality and it's coming your'e way,
....with no say,
your'e last day"
so don't dispize me, or critisize me,
with my old heart I'm holding on tuff
with my last puff
I'm gone had enough.

Gabriel Nicolo  Sep 2016
Gabriel Nicolo Sep 2016
Falling for someone you don't entirely know,
You are tirelessly entering an endeavor you are to lose,
You give your entire being to an entirely different entity,
Who entices you with flashes of brilliance and mistery.
You effortlessly exert effort for a hopeless cause.
You are endlessly waiting for an eternity that will not come,
You picked a battle you have lost long before you could have won.
To fall in love with someone you barely know, don't do it, just please, don't.
ned  Apr 2011
The missing rhyme
ned Apr 2011
Reality knows no words that you can bargain with it
time is not a friend of pain that you can beg to wait
pause your run and you will find no ease even if you'd fall to bleed
they will only have you bills to complete

Look at me and my eyes will show you languish
Talk to me and I will define you anguish
the moments I failed to make speaks no english
Yet their story echoes my lamentation

Yesterday is history and tommorow will be another story
We live in days full of misery
Why would you hope so desperately
As if you can unveiled the mistery

pack up your pain and bring it to me!
We will write them in our destiny and float it to the sea
For they won't give a **** even they could see
Come before winter and be my rhyme my CATHY
it's dedicated to someone who has written the best poem in my life.. wish you be happy with the story of life you've chosen to write!

— The End —