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Reagan LaVey Apr 2020
On the road where the Lion and the Raven meet
At the crossroad where kongs and queens admit defeat
On the land scorched with faith, hopes amd dreams
That one man stands firmly grounded on his feet

He pleaded allegiance to the gods of war
He prayed to never draw his sword
Nor deliver a soul to the Netherworld
Unless that soul is begging for

He stands alone on his throne of ice
His friends no more than a raven and a Scythe
He awaits for those who seek the truth
The key to wisdom, magic, sanity and youth

The words he utters are forever the same:
The moment you stand before me with no shame
When you let me show you that which you don't want to see
Will be the moment when you acknowledge your own insanity

Fear not, poor sinful mortal soul that you are
You can't get lost in something that you know
But you can only let yourself to roam
And meet the darkest corners of your soul

You all came seeking for the philosopher's stone
Yet all I offer you are the words you chose to ignore
Because your fear of fear itself and of yourself
Are all that keep you blind, insane and deaf

I cannot offer redemption nor revenge
Those are for you to seek or change
What I can do is make you choose
Between the past, present and future you

Not once has he delivered the will of the Scythe
Plunging poor lost souls in the divine hell
For that is where freedom and peace dwell
Hidden away from world's duality of wrong and right

Few are those who get to keep their life
And fewer are those who offer thanks to this dark knight
But those who enter in the labyrinth of mindless self
And face, forgive and resurrect their own belief
Will stand victorious in their own freedom and free will

And so the days of this dark knight still pass
Protecting his own throne of ice from all of us
Locking both angels and demons through a midnight mass
Tightening his grip on the infinite kingdom of madness
Reagan LaVey Apr 2020
At last the spring has come
And washed away the pure, white snow
It's time they stand and start the show
When cherry blossoms begin to frown

Numbed down sandness and despair
She takes a deep breath of air
The infinite curse closing the wounds
That many others trampled on.

With the dignity of a mighty god
With the walk of an angel
With the body of a demon lord
With the soul of a woman in love

The servants that were once forgotten
Enchanting spells, awakening the rotten
Gather the fire, air, earth and water
And sow the clothes for their beloved

The god of life himself is dressing her
The god of death is blessing her
The underworld prepared her jewelry
The heaven braids her hair with mysteries.

She finally walks among us all
Stripping away the sadness wall
That numbed so many of us
As the procession takes its course
All the dignity and remorse
She breathes upon all of those
And cleans what's haunting all of us.

As dignified as she may be
She must remain a memory
For we, as humans, all forget
The love, the hate and the regret.

The ravens gather all around her words
The road to the holy mountain opens up
And all the living and the dead
Assemble all the feelings at her feet
To walk her on her final trip,
To strip her of her first hearbeat
To bring her home and put her back to sleep

From ancient times a prophecy stood straight
Telling about the king's beautiful maiden
Who will awaken, fight, and descend
Only when the winter ends
To cure all the unspoken tales
That humans carry with themselves.

While stepping on the gravestones of us all
She came again and broke the spells
And pleaded for forgiveness in our name
All those who wish to never be the same.
As we stand gathered in sadness and in awe
She passes, gently stepping on our world,
Goes bavk to sleep in the old mountain
The courtesan of time, who we have all forgotten.
Reagan LaVey Apr 2010
I'm not dead yet
And I will not be
Until I **** the last part of you,
You disappoint me,
And I'm already my enemy.

Can you face me?
Have you ever been able?
So catatonic and craving;
So undecided on your nightmare.

Into this world of mine you entered
Now you try to play dead
You cannot play hide and seek
I've let you live but you leap...
Into my abundance of curses.

Something is getting in your way,
I will continue to haunt you,
Haunted your soul has become
And with no remorse you're sentenced.

No love will you know,
And just because I say so.

You once saw me in your Hell,
I hope you will be well,
Because I am the Shadow of your remains
For the bells of Hell ring for me to deliver you.

Your faith is nothing to me
For I am the one who will see;
On the same pillow of despair
You will sense my perfume and you'll feel unfair.

Through blood and nightmares
Will you crawl to me
And I'll make you my seal
For all Hell's enemies to see.

You poor animal with no soul,
You poor human with no more...
Guess and you'll be hanged
Be your own injustice world.

On your stone grave will be written
"Our beloved lost soul"
So that the one who delivered you
Can be more than your devil.

You created me,
Now bear with me,
Bear your unbearable life,
Bear your greatest crime

And that is me.
Better write than not forgive.
Reagan LaVey Mar 2010
Emptiness is how I feel,
Nothing fake and nothing real
It's all in between, just go and see.
My dear, I've filled my destiny
And I do not feel sorry
For all the sins that I have made,
For all good deeds that I have failed.
For I am still bearing my cross
And I can see through us.
The Dark has come, I have no path.
All that is left for now is hope.
Hopeless we are, and so alone
For I have sinned, my sins are right,
For world has none:it's day or night.
I see myself from up above,
I see you all and now I have...
done all that I can do to scream,
But no one hears the voice within.
For all the truth I scream and shout
There is no light, there is no doubt.
I stand alone right on this cliff,
I stand alone and so I crave.
The pandemonium that lies beneath
Is hard, is cold and is so deep.
We want redemption and we ask for it
But no one will ever bring it here.
For all we are has turned to dust
And none of us is free at last.
This heavy sleep we have fallen into
It's not the end, it's the beginning.
The silence that traps this mortality
Is the holy sound of sin and guilt,
For there are few so innocent.
These endless tears that we assume
To have cried, it might be, I presume,
Just a moment spent on the edge;
The prayers we raised to the sky;
It is exactly why we died.
Redemption is what we must search
And we will never find it in a church.
There is nothing else to ask,
We know the answers by ourselves.
Though we ignore this way again
This ignorance will be my end.
I cried so many days and nights,
Not knowing what to do, to say.
I've cried my soul and reached the heights
The pain, the's all been washed away.
No memories from now or from the past,
Gone with the sin, so slow, so fast,
Nothing to overcome and leave behind
No life, no death, no truth, no lie.
The ones that have been close to me
Are nothing but a simple memory.
This soul has closed his gates to all,
I'm just hiding behind this wall.
The cipher of my encrypted life
Should have been always put aside.
This poem of a deadly wish
Is all that has ever existed.
Forgive, forget are common now,
Morality is nothing new.
This sacrifice I made for you,
Has turned me into something cruel.
And I will no more live again,
Forgive me for I have sinned.
Written after certain experiences that made me confused.
Reagan LaVey Feb 2010
The mighty princess of the Earth
Has come again  and brought us death,
'Cause only sins and memories now we have left,
No more spirits now to get.

Nothing to gain and nothing to lose
All our life must be a muse,
The old verses came from the Gods,
To no0w fulfill our lives and lands.

The scene we are walking on
It's just a stage we are upon
And things that matter now no more
Are meant to take us to the shore.

The sins that were meant to stay,
Will no more hurt us now, today.
The sand of time will now come across,
The Ancient living of the lost.

The curse that till now lead the way,
Will no longer want to stay.
Now the stairs to Heaven pray
That we will not make the same mistake.

The Gods that spoke to us through stones,
Will no longer stay alive
For we will live in great lie
And no more fear will have to die.
Reagan LaVey Feb 2010
Looking through the space around,
Trying not to reach the ground,
Feeling sorry for what I have done
Thinking what will I become.

Not able to write complicated words
Simple phrases express my thoughts,
Try to fill the inner void,
Something useless, so annoyed.

Through the past I came right here,
Full of courage, without fear,
Decline of Light, begin of Darkness,
Death is my only main process.

Reaching for the fallen angels.
Every rose has its thorns
Thinking something will save us,
But not now...
Reagan LaVey Feb 2010
It is common, and yet is new
It happens to me and it happens to you
It is the mistery of our era,
It is the fear and the disapear,
It is what kills us, it is like air,
It is the link between this and that,
It is related to life and ***,
It is the word that defines us,
It is a mistery to most of us,
What does it mean, what does it have,
To give...or to take...
It is redemption and it is pain,
It is our beloved Eternity.
Inside lies Immortality,
It has the answers and it doesn't lie,
It is our Heaven and Hell at the same time,
We have nothing without and we have all,
And the memories will be so sweet.
Too bad that we will forget,
Who we were, who we are and who will we be,
It guards your soul,
The doors of this are now closing
It is private, but no guests are coming.
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