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Arke  Sep 2018
Arke Sep 2018
early, I worried our love was ludus
that you were merely playing with me
it was hard for me to believe that anyone
could love me when I did not love myself

or that I could allow someone to peer into me
and that they would hold me the way you had
with sincerity and beauty as deep as the oceans
and passion and fervor as strong as the waves

love, please know that my poetry is affirmation
a constant reminder that what we have is more
that it's persistent and real and infinite
my love refuses to diminish or disappear

if I must write a dozen poems for you
declaring my undying love for the world to see
I will continue to do so week after week
until I run out of words in the dictionary

yes, our love was ludus -- and eros, philia and agape
if I'm fortunate enough in the months to come
for the gods to smile at me and grant me bravery
I will find a way to break my chains

and if I'm lucky and you still want me in the end
if you do not tire of my over sentimentality
or the way my eyes become honey when they see you
I would get on both knees and beg you to be mine once more
Hamed M Dehongi Apr 2019
You are flirtatious Ludus and I'm dumb
I can't understand your moves
So I think you don't love me
Sometimes I feel that you love me
I am confused!
Donna Bella  Jan 2015
Donna Bella Jan 2015
No ero love over here, no passion at all
Shame! Shame! Shame!
No ludus love over here, I'm very monagmous
No storge love over here, well then again we may have a little storge love going on
Pragma love, could be from both of us but would it really be love?
Mania love is all that we have, we go through the highs and we go through the lows when you're high
Agape love, no we don't have that , it would be lovely though
Research the type of loves
Educate yourself
Breeze-Mist Feb 2018
Someone who tastes like
Ramune and Faygo, smells
Like Shenandoah

Waiting for six months
Only to find that you are
Eighteen and fourteen

Eyes just like snowmelt
Soft, cool, and fresh in the spring
Small signs of some hope

A homecoming dance
Bumping bodies in a crowd
When your date ditches

The news surrounds us
Against suburban ap'thy
We are fighting back

Speaking of the sea
Advanced chemistry, and of
Secrets kept from mom

One year of dating
But the sun and earth go back
Farther than we do

Maybe we'll see it
Like a rose blooming forth from
Torrential blizzards
All the words of love are written,
To my darling, my lover, and best friend,
I am ravished by these thoughts of you,
From every sunrise 'til the day's end.

The day we met, our journey began,
But it began with the end of another.
We brought with us Philautia love,
Loving ourselves before each other.

Ludus makes us dance in the rain,
Like children who love to play.
We joke and tease and tickle,
And we'll be forever young this way.

Eros pulls my eyes in your direction,
Consuming your body with my mind.
Its passion joins our flesh,
And sends chills along my spine.

Philia opens our hearts to one another,
As our friendship blooms like flowers.
We share interests and even secrets,
And talks that go on for hours.

Pragma should take years to mature,
But instead of 'falling' in love we 'stood.'
We committed ourselves in a mere moment,
To forever love each other, we would.

Even Storge has a presence here,
In the eyes the children see you through.
This familial love makes this a home,
And is complete because of you.

And now I find myself in Agape,
A culmination of all of the above.
It is selflessness and sacrifice,
And it is the epitome of love.

All these words of love are written,
To my darling, my lover, and best friend.
I promise you this Agape love,
From now until this journey ends.
Ives  Feb 2018
on love
Ives Feb 2018
EROS : body
every teen show I ever watched that set up love
PHILIA : mind
the ideas spouted by happiness in one quick moment
my brothers when we laugh until we cry (and every other memory of them)
AGAPE : soul
innocence of newborns
breathing fresh air
STORGE: child
my mom crying because she’s proud of me
comforting hugs from her
LUDUS: playful
small animals
every time I talk to you
PRAGMA: longstanding
things that have
yet to come
what I learned to do two years ago
everything I want to give to you (no one can give it to you but yourself)
coqueta  Aug 2019
coqueta Aug 2019
If I let myself alone for even a second
things might slow, and I'll go reckon
With the **** that I pulled
The **** that I did
Don't have that energy
I'll sleep instead

This couch is so cold, your arms even more so
I let them wrap 'round my torso
Don't think I'm in love, know you're not either
Otherwise, love, wouldn't you leave her?
But maybe I can't and that's just the thing
Everyone's heart is controlled by red strings
But mine just feels lonely
Mines just afraid
I've never had ludus feel like more than a fling
I can't tell if I truly want this, or I just think I do
Hamed M Dehongi Apr 2019
Love is

No one can describe it clearly
But all can feel it certainly

Love comes in many forms
                                                Agape, unconditional love
                                                Eros, pure ****** love
                                                Ludus, playful love
                                                Phililia, Affectionate love

Now I want to tell you something new
If you want to feel the extreme love view

You should seek it in
                                     An eastern lover.
09:09 - Tuesday, April 23, 2019.

— The End —